Volunteer Opportunities

Members interested in assisting in the mission of the Congregational Library and Archives may work in the Library or at home miles away from Boston. The time contributed greatly enriches our various events and programs. We receive it gratefully.

As a volunteer you can:

LEAD TOURS of the Library and religious Boston in our neighborhood.

ASSIST at special events and Brown Bag Lunches.

SUPPORT fundraising efforts.

HELP with book sales.

INSTALL displays and exhibits.

ACT as an ambassador in your local community.

MENTOR library patrons.

For more information or to become a volunteer please contact Tom Clark at 617.523.0470 ext.229, tclark@14beacon.org


Transcribe a Historical Church Document

In the summer of 2011, we unearthed an extraordinary find: over three hundred colonial-era conversation narratives from a Congregational church in Middleboro, Massachusetts. These are incredibly rare and important documents. The narratives, often called "relations", are first-person accounts of religious experiences, providing testimony of Christian conversion and eligibility for church membership.

The relations are short, about a page or two long, and would be even more valuable to researchers if they were transcribed and electronically searchable. The process is quite simple and open to everyone — scholars, students, and anyone who likes a good historical puzzle.

Visit the Church Records Transcription Project page for more information about the project, and to volunteer to transcribe documents.