Springfield, Massachusetts. Emmanuel United Church of Christ. Records, 1881-2000.

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Springfield, Mass. Emmanuel United Church of Christ records, 1881-2000.


Emmanuel United Church of Christ (Springfield, Mass.)
Emmanuel Congregational Church (Springfield, Mass.)
White Street Congregational Church (Springfield, Mass.)

Auburndale Baptist Church (Auburndale, Mass.)




16 document cases, 1 half record carton, 2 clamshell, 2 flat storage, 1 lantern slide box, oversize folio, Bible (6.70 cubic feet)

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[Identification of item], in the Emmanuel United Church of Christ (Springfield, Mass.) records, RG4392. The Congregational Library & Archives, Boston, MA.



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Processed by Virginia Hunt in 1998.

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Accrual and re-description added by Jessica Steytler, 2000, 2005.

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The church started as White Street Congregational Church in 1881, but did not officially start until 1888. The collection includes topics on church records; pastor files; church groups; historical material; and photographs.

Acquisition Information:

Donated as a gift in 1998 by the Emmanuel United Church of Christ.


There have been two accruals since the collection was accepted in 1998. No further accruals are expected.


Historical Note

The community started to meet regularly in 1881 in Springfield, Massachusetts. It was not officially formed until 1888, and then under the name White Street Congregational Church. In 1894, the governing body changed the name to the Emmanuel Congregational Church. Orville Reed was the first ordained minister at Emmanuel (1883-1885). The Auburndale Baptist Church merged with Emmanuel in the 1940s and Faith Church in the 1960s. The final name change came in 1962-1963 when the community chose Emmanuel United Church of Christ.

The community went through several buildings during its lifetime. The first official chapel was built at the corner of Orange and White Streets and dedicated in 1884 when the congregation numbered forty-five. By 1905, the community started planning to expand and completed the new church by March 1907. Thanks to land purchased in 1919 at White and Sumner Streets, the church could continue to grow. A new church was built in 1927; the old church was sold in 1928. The final building was constructed in 1939 when the congregation numbered over 600 members.


Orville Reed 1883-1885   Andrew J. Stanton 1929-1963
Henry Todd 1885-1888   Nevin M. Kirk 1963-1977
E.H. Byington 1888-1889   Philip H. Ward 1977-1979
L.F. Giroux 1889-1895   George A. Paboojian 1979-1981
D.L. Kebbe 1895-1901   Harris B. Hinchcliff 1981-1982
J.J. Newton 1901-1903   Robert Lambert 1982-1988
O.C. Bailey 1903-1904   Linda W. McFadden 1988
O.W. Means 1904-1913   Paula Nordhem 1988-1994
A.H. Hope 1914-1918   David H. Reinke 1994-1995
E.H. Thayer 1919-1929   Marion Hansen 1995-1998


Scope of Collection

This collection includes topics on church polity; reports and minutes of meetings; membership and vital statistics; correspondence; legal and financial documents; tenants to the building; auxiliary group records; photographs; scrapbooks; newsletters. The earliest the church governmental records go back to is 1925. The very earliest records are from the Sunday school. The scrapbooks have been reformatted for preservation purposes.


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Subject Headings

Emmanuel United Church of Christ (Springfield, Mass.)

Emmanuel Congregational Church (Springfield, Mass.)

White Street Congregational Church (Springfield, Mass.)

Auburndale Baptist Church (Auburndale, Mass.)

Baptismal records.

Church membership.

Church records and registers – Massachusetts- Springfield.

Congregational churches - Massachusetts- Government.

Installation (clergy).


Registers of births, etc. - Massachusetts - Springfield.

Women - Societies and clubs.

Christian education.

Sunday school.

Hansen, Marion W.

Means, Owen W.



Series I - Church Records

Series II - Church Life

Series III - Administration/Pastor Files

Series IV - Church Groups

Series V - Historical Material

Series VI - Photographs



Series I: Church records

Date: 1925-1999
Extent: 7 boxes
Scope of Series: This series includes topics on polity; clerk records; membership; annual meetings; and committee meetings and reports. There are ledgers with meetings and vital statistics; notes; correspondence; membership files. Some of the membership files are not dated and there are gaps in the record-keeping for vital statistics. The annual meetings and church meeting records start in the 1920s.
      Date Box/Folder
Constitution and by-laws (2 copies) 1925-1993 B1/F1
Minutes, membership, vital statistics 1924-1937 B1/F2
Minutes and membership 1937-1954 B1/F3
Nominations 1942-1946; 1930; 1960 B1/F4
Minutes, clerk's reports 1954-1995 B2/F1
Church clerk's records 1953-1990 B2/F2
Congregational meeting minutes 1973-1987 B2/F3
Meeting minutes 1980-1989 B2/F4
Special business meeting and annual meeting minutes 1989-1996  
Calls for meetings 1965-1986 B3/F1
Council minutes 1965-1970 B3/F2
Council minutes 1971-1975 B3/F3
Council minutes 1976-1979 B3/F4
Council minutes 1980-1982 B3/F5
Council minutes 1983-1985 B3/F6
Council minutes 1986-1988 B4/F1
Council minutes 1989-1991 B4/F2
Council minutes 1992-1994 B4/F3
Council minutes 1995-1999 B4/F4
Special meetings minutes 1982-1995 B4/F5
  Date Box/Folder
Annual reports 1957-1979 B4/F6
Annual reports 1960-1969 B4/F7
Annual reports 1970-1979 B4/F8
Annual reports 1980-1989 B5/F1
Annual reports 1990-1995, 1997 B5/F2
Correspondence 1929-1948 (gaps) B5/F3
Correspondence 1960s B5/F4
Correspondence 1970s B5/F5
Correspondence 1980s B5/F6
Correspondence 1990-1995 B5/F7
Correspondence 1995-1998 B5/F8
Clerk's records 1963-1981 B5/F9
Church clerk reports, annual reports 1972-1977 B5/F10
Church clerk reports 1978-1985 B5/F11
Wedding, runerals, memorial funds, baptisms 1982-1991 B5/F12
  Date Box/Folder
Church records, vital statistics 1930-1952 B6/F1
Clerk's records, membership notes 1972-1985 B6/F2
Membership directories 1901, 1960-1983 B6/F3
Membership directories 1984-1996 (gaps) B6/F4
Membership 1995-1996 B6/F5
Letters of dismission/verification letters 1963-1977 B6/F6
"Transfers in" [membership] Forms and correspondence 1966-1989 B6/F7
"Transfers out" membership correspondence 1967-1972 B6/F8
"Transfers out" membership correspondence 1973-1989 B6/F9
"Transfers Out" membership forms 1964-1989 B6/F10
Membership revisions 1964-1975 B6/F11
Membership revisions 1964-1975 B6/F12
Membership revisions undated B6/F13
Certificates of transfer 1993-1995 B6/F14
Membership files undated B7

Series II: Building, Financial, Legal

Date: 1887-1999
Extent: 3 boxes
Scope of Series: This series includes information about mergers and name changes; law suits; repairs; dissolution; reports; bequests; tax; personnel; leases; mortgages; deeds; building improvements; building tenants. Much of the financial reports are incorporated into the ledgers in Series I.
  Date Box/Folder
Auburndale Baptist and Emmanuel consolidation 1929, 1941-1943 B8/F1
Name change, Emmanuel UCC 1964 B8/F2
Materials pertaining to merger of Emmanuel and Faith Church 1966-1967 B8/F3
Parish appraisal committee 1982 B8/F4
Embzzlement problems: notes 1995-1996 B8/F5
dePaz, Edgar, larceny lawsuit 1996 B8/F6
Reinke lawsuit 1994-1996 B8/F7
Reinke lawsuit 1994-1996 B8/F8
Reinke lawsuit 1994-1996 B8/F9
Reinke lawsuit 1994-1996 B8/F10
Parsonage damage 1996 B8/F11
Chalice theft 1996 B8/F12
Church repairs 1996 B8/F13
Church dissolution 1999 B8/F14
  Date Box/Folder
Financial reports, correspondence 1925-1942, incomplete B9/F1
Bequests, trusts 1966-1997 B9/F2
Daily financial journal, ledger 1965-1973 B9/V1
Financial 1992-1997 B9/F3
Taxes, personnel 1993, 1995-1999 B9/F4
Massachusetts conference remittances 1995-1998 B9/F5
Financial summaries 1996-1999 B9/F6
Membership dues list undated B9/F7
  Date Box/Folder
Deeds  1920, 1928, 1965 B10/F1
Congregational Church Building Society, mortgage papers 1918-1947 B10/F2
14 Irvington St. deed 1965-1985 B10/F3
26 Irvington St. contracts 1968-1985 B10/F4
761 Sumner Ave, Springfield; original deed, capital improvements 1958 B10/F5
Church: Orange/White Streets: parsonage Grand St.  contracts 1887-1954 B10/F6
New building 1907-1911 B10/F22
Boiler replacement 1986 B10/F7
Building fund brochures 1909, 1938 B10/F8
Building fund correspondence 1969 B10/F9
Building notes 1919-1939 B10/F10
Construction 1926-1939 B10/F11
Floor plans 1981 B10/F12
Irvington Street parking problems 1975-1977 B10/F13
Organ fund, memorial gifts 1958 B10/F14
Report of the sanctuary improvement committee 1988 B10/F15
Building tenants
  Building use 1995, 1996 B10/F16
  Inglesia Pentecostal Fuente de Liberacion 1997 B10/F17
  Make Way For Ducklings (daycare) 1984-1998 B10/F18
  Perlman, Mark 1997 B10/F19
  Russian Church - Hope 1997 B10/F20
  Tenants' meeting 1996 B10/F21

Series III: Administration/Pastor Files

Date: 1883-2000
Extent: 2 boxes
Scope of Series: There are several files that were created by the last pastor, Marion Hansen. Within Reverend Hansen's records are worship services.  Following Reverend Hansen's records are pulpit searches,  by-laws, church constitution, legal suits, damage reports to the property, guest books, and other administration files. A late addition added material created and collected by Pastor Owen W. Means. That section includes correspondence, sermons, and a new church building project.
  Date Box/Folder
John Oliver Means tribute and biographical information 1883-1885 B11/F1
Oliver Means correspondence, documents, programs 1887-1926 B11/F2
Oliver Means newspaper clippings 1888, 1919, 2000, undated B11/F3
Oliver Means address, essay 1911, 1925 B11/F4
Oliver Means biographical record 1934 B11/F5
Oliver Means photograph undated B22/F1
The Strict Congregational Church of Enfield by Oliver Means 1899 B22
Sermons by Oliver Means undated B22
Minister changes 1978-1984 B11/F6
Pulpit search, Rev. Paboojian 1978-1979 B11/F7
Hansen, Marion correspondence 1995-1998 B11/F8
Hansen, Marion Woods license renewal 1998 B11/F9
Manuscript and sermon Colossians II, 2-4 undated B11/F10
Sermons, Hansen 1996-1997 B11/F11
Church service programs 1923-1978, 1998 (gaps) B11/F12
Funeral and wedding services by M. Hansen 1996 B11/F13

Series IV: Church Groups

Date: 1881-1995
Extent: 7 boxes, oversize folio
Scope of Series: Includes church newsletter; records from the Mother's Club; the Study Club; the Brotherhood; Education Committee; Fireside Forum; Women's Guild; and the Pilgrim Fellowship.
  Date Box/Folder
Open Door newsletters 1975 B12/F1
Open Door newsletters 1976 B12/F2
Open Door newsletters 1977 B12/F3
Open Door newsletters 1978 B12/F4
Open Door newsletters 1979 B12/F5
Open Door newsletters 1980 B12/F6
Open Door newsletters 1981 B12/F7
Open Door newsletters 1982 B12/F8
Open Door newsletters 1983 B12/F9
Open Door newsletters 1984 B12/F10
Open Door newsletters 1985 B12/F11
Open Door newsletters 1986 B12/F12
Open Door newsletters 1987 B12/F13
Open Door newsletters 1988 B12/F14
Open Door newsletters 1989 B12/F15
Open Door newsletters 1990 B12/F16
  Date Box/Folder
Auxiliary Groups
  Lay life and work committee 1970-1971, undated B13/F1
  Church life committee: leadership, records 1979-1982 B13/F2
  Fellowship, Executive committee 1943-1944 B13/F3
  Christian education committee 1969-1977 B13/F4
  Christian education committee 1978-1981 B13/F5
  Cookbook 1898 B13/F6
  Women's guild records 1949-1962 B13/F7
  Women's guild records 1949-1958 B13/F8
  Women's guild minutes 1959-1962 B13/F9
  Emmanuel guild undated Oversize folio
  Emmanuel brotherhood, records 1946-1962 B13/F10
  Emmanuel study club records 1961-1969 B13/F11
  Date Box/Folder
  Emmanuel study club records undated B14/F1
  Emmanuel study club records 1931-1941 B14/F2
  Emmanuel study club records 1945-1946 B14/F3
  Emmanuel study club records 1946-1951 B14/F4
  Emmanuel study club records 1947-1954 B14/F5
  Emmanuel study club records 1955-1958 B14/F6
  Emmanuel study club records 1959-1961 B14/F7
  Emmanuel study club records 1956-1969 B14/F8
  Emmanuel study club records 1965-1969 B14/F9
  Emmanuel mother's club records 1949-1964 B14/F10
  Emmanuel mother's club records 1954-1963 B14/F11
  Emmanuel mother's club schedules undated B14/F12
  Date Box/Folder
  White St. Mission Sabbath School roll, church and Sunday school directories, Sunday school record book 1881, 1898, 1900, 1901, 1941-1942 B15/F1
  Cradle roll 1927 B15/F2
  Early history of troop 21 undated B15/F3
  Missionary correspondence (typed copies) 1840-1841 B15/F4
  Congregational Christian compact for world order 1944 B15/F5
  Date Box/Folder
  Fireside forum 1944-1945 B16/F1
  Fireside forum, guest book 1946-1948 B16/F2
  Fireside forum, records 1952-1953, 1955 B16/F3
  High school fellowship records 1933-1934 B16/F4
  Pilgrim fellowship records 1936-1940 B16/F5
  Pilgrim fellowship records 1945-1946 B16/F6
  Pilgrim fellowship records 1946-1947 B16/F7
  Pilgrim fellowship records 1947-1949 B16/F8
  Scrapbook 1881-1963 B16/F9
  Scrapbook 1917 - circa 1940s B16/F10
  Date Box/Folder
  Scrapbook 1929-1979 B17/F1
  Scrapbook 1931 B17/F2
  Stanton, Mrs. Inez - scrapbook 1938-1984 B17/F3
  Women's guild scrapbook 1947-1952 B17/F4
  Stanton, Rev. Andrew J. - scrapbook undated [circa 1950s] B17/F5
  Scrapbook 1957-1965 B17/F6
  Scrapbook 1979-1993 B17/F7
  Scrapbook 1979-1993 B17/F8
  Scrapbook 1994-1995 B17/F9

Series V: Historical Material

Date: 1917-1994
Extent: 2 boxes, oversize folio
Scope of Series: Includes many scrapbooks, which document the earliest activities up to the last years of the church. There are anniversary records; brochures; pamphlets; correspondence; newspaper clippings; and other such ephemera.
  Date Box/Item
Guestbook 1947-1976 B18/F1
Guest books 1946-1994 B18/V1
Guest books 1946-1994 B18/V2
Photograph album undated B18/F2
Cambridge Platform of 1648, 300th anniversary 1948 B18/F3
Church histories mulitple dates B18/F4
50th anniversary 1931 B18/F5
75th anniversary notes 1956 B18/F6
100th anniversary notes and materials 1984 B18/F7
Minister installations and farewells undated B18/F8
Church dedications and anniversaries undated B18/F9
Awards 1917, 1988, 1994, undated B18/F10
Church historian report undated B18/F11
Newspaper clippings undated B18/F12
Ephemera undated B18/F13
  Date Box
Role of honor undated B21
Book of remembrance undated B21
Clippings undated B21
Declaration of conscientious objection to World War II 1940s Oversize folio

Series VI: Photographs

Date: 1900s-1996, undated
Extent: 2 boxes
Scope of Series: The dates of the photographs range from the 1900s all the way to 1996 (approximate). Not all the photographs are dated, nor are all the individuals or events identified. Some featured events are: the Strawberry Festival, anniversary celebrations, and holidays.
  Date Box
Photographs 1900s-1996 B19
Glass plate negatives undated B20


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