Somerville, Massachusetts. Broadway Winter Hill Congregational Church. Records, 1864 -2002

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Broadway Winter Hill Congregational Church (Somerville, Mass.) records


Winter Hill Orthodox Congregational Church (Somerville, Mass.)
Broadway Orthodox Congregational Church of Winter Hill (Somerville, Mass.)
Winter Hill Congregational Church (Somerville, Mass.)
Broadway Congregational Church (Somerville, Mass.)
Broadway Winter Hill Congregational Church (Somerville, Mass.)


ca. 1864 - 2004


7 linear feet

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RG 4674

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[Identification of item], in the Broadway Winter Hill Congregational Church (Somerville, Mass.) records, RG 4674. The Congregational Library and Archive, Boston, MA.



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Processed by Jessica Steytler, June 2002

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Originally, the church held a certain part of the records. However, the church closed in 2003/4 and all records are now at the library.

History of the Church

The Broadway Winter Hill Congregational Church started off in 1864 with the name Winter Hill Orthodox Congregational Church. Founding leaders in the church included Rev. E. Porter Dyer, Samuel F. Rugg, Samuel Oakman, Benjamin W. Eldridge, Joseph P. Williams, and John W. Atwood. The records note 26 "constituting members."

The Reverend William H. Pierson, pastor from 1872-1881, was greatly influenced by a Unitarian beliefs. In early 1881, these beliefs triggered a schism in the congregation. There were a number of pastors that lead the newly formed Broadway Congregational Church, while Charles L. Noyes guided the (original) Winter Hill Congregational Church/Society. In 1918, the two churches reunited under the Rev. Noyes, who remained pastor until 1922. The church has remained like thusly unified ever since.


Name Changes

1863-1866 Winter Hill Orthodox Congregational Church
1966-1881 Broadway Orthodox Congregational Church of Winter Hill
1881-1918 Schism
1883-1918 Broadway Orthodox Congregational Church of Winter Hill became Winter Hill Congregational Church
1883-1918 Broadway Church became Broadway Congregational Church
1918-2004 Broadway Winter Hill Congregational Church



Winter Hill Orthodox Congregational Church
Broadway Orthodox Congregational Church of Winter Hill
    1863-1866 E. Porter Dyer, Acting Pastor
    1866-1868 E. P. Marvin, Acting Pastor
    1868-1870 Samuel H. Virgin, First Pastor
    1871 no pastor
    1872-1881 William H. Pierson
Broadway Congregational Church   Winter Hill Congregational Church
1881 A.H. Quint, Acting Pastor  1882-1918 Charles L. Noyes
1884-1889 Lewis V. Price    
1889-1891 Charles E. Andrews    
1891-1893 Joseph F. Loverling, Supply Pastor    
1894-1905 Horace H. Leavitt    
1905-1912 Robert W. Beers    
1912-1918 George L. Parker    
Broadway Winter Hill Church
    1918-1922 Charles L. Noyes  
    1922-1925 Albert Buckner Coe  
    1925-1936 Klein K. Haddaway  
    1937-1973 William T. Howe  
    1973-1989 Jacob Merrill  
    1990 J. J. Gunther III, Interim Pastor
    1991-2000 L. J. Knight, Pastor  
    2001 J. J. Gunther III, Associate Pastor
    2001-2004 Russell Kent, Pastor  


Scope and Content Note

The Rev. Russell Kent contacted the Congregational Library in 2002; he was concerned about the church's older records and he wanted to make sure that nothing was lost or destroyed accidentally. The church kept its active records until it closed in 2004. The types of materials within the collection include church meetings, membership records, pastor's records and reports, financial and building records, clubs, societies, sunday school, and historical records.

The church's records: annual meetings and such, are steady until 1977, then there is a large gap until the final days of the church from 2000-2004. These last records are not complete. The most valuable part of Series 2 is a set of minister's reports which span from 1925 to 1968. The financial records are consist ant up to 1999, after which point, they are less complete or missing. Membership lists do not extend past 1977 and baptisms not beyond 1984. The social and charitable organizations, particularly the Woman's Union, are well represented from the earliest years up to the 1960s, with a particular boom in all groups in the 1930s. Researchers should be sure to look at the historical sketches in Series 5.



Series 1. Church Records. This set of records contains reports from church council meetings, annual meetings, by - laws, statements of faith, covenants, constitutions, membership, correspondence, and some committees: executive, nominating, and personnel. The ledgers and folders are arranged in ascending chronological order. During the schism years, the records from the separate churches are kept together as often as possible.

Series 2. Minster Records. These records can be divided into two sections. First are reports given at annual meetings (1920s and 1930s) during Rev. Haddaway's and Rev. Klein's tenures. Supplementary folders belong to Charles Noyes and Albert Coe. The second half contains records of the search for a new pastor in 1990 - 1991, which resulted in Linda Knight's call to the church.

Series 3. Financial and Building Records. The majority of this series are treasurer's reports. The folders are arranged in clusters: benevolence reports, treasurer's reports, and financial ledgers, all in ascending chronological order. Older financial records and ledgers that are summarized in treasurer's reports, insurance records, and recent legacies.

Series 4. Clubs and Societies, Sunday School. The dominant group represented in this series is the Woman's Union. The Library chose to keep the Woman's Union annual reports over their minute ledgers when possible. Other groups in this series are the Men's Union, youth groups, and Serviceman's Committee. The Serviceman's Committee was organized to assist soldiers in World War II.

Series 5. Historian Files. This series has notable programs (from new minister installments, anniversaries, and special events), histories of the church, sermons and speeches, and records for historic landmarks. There are a few photographs, but there are only a few individuals identified. There are also a sample of Sunday service programs.


Folder List

Series 1. Church Records

Box 1 - Oversize documents  
    Broadway Orthodox Church, Records, Membership 1864-1907
    Notice of Special Meeting, Broadway Orthodox 1865
    Noyes, Charles L. Retirement Agreement 1922
    Church Blessing  
Box 2
    Broadway Orthodox Church, Records 1864-1873
    Broadway Orthodox Society, Meetings, Constitution 1869-1883
    Winter Hill Church, Polity and Membership 1883-1905
    Winter Hill Church, Polity, Business, and Annual Meetings 1883-1905
Box 3
    Winter Hill Society, Polity, Members, Meetings 1883-1906
    Winter Hill Church, Polity, Membership, Special and Annual Meetings 1906-1918
Box 4
    Winter Hill Church, Meeting Minutes 1906-1918
    Broadway, Polity, Membership Signatures 1893-1906
    Broadway, Standing Committee 1904-1912
Box 5
    Broadway, Business Meetings 1905-1918
    Broadway, Membership 1907-1918
Box 6
    Broadway, Standing Committee 1912-1918
    Broadway Winter Hill, Church Council 1954-1967
    Broadway Winter Hill, Membership 1939-1972
    Broadway Winter Hill, Membership 1927-1977
    Broadway Winter Hill, Marriages 1927-1977
    Broadway Winter Hill, Baptisms 1919-1984
Box 7
Folder 1 Records, Broadway Orthodox Church 1864-1870
Folder 2 By-Laws and Amendments Confessions of Faith n.d., 1969, 1970, 1991
Folder 3 Broadway Church  Church Council, Broadway n.d.
Folder 4 Church Council, Broadway ca. 1882
Folders 5-6 Church Council 1918-1969
Folders 7-11 Church Meetings 1918-1968
Box 8
Folders 12-15 Annual/Church Meetings and Special Meetings 1909-1977
Folder 15a Meeting Minutes 2000-2004
Folders 16-19 Executive Committee 1932-1966
Box 9
Folder 20 Correspondence, Winter Hill Church 1910-1918
Folder 21 Correspondence 1922-1956, 1962-1975, 2002
Folder 22 Deacon Reports  
Folders 23-26 Membership letters of admission, dismission 1890s-1960s
Folders 27-30 Membership letters of admission, dismission 1890s-1960s
Box 11
Folders 31-32 Marriage Certificates 1881-1921
Folder 33 Membership Committee 1907-1925
Folder 34 Nominating Committee 1915-1966
Folder 35 Personnel 1988-1994

Series 2. Minister Records

Box 12
Folder 1 Noyes, Charles ca. 1924
Folder 2 Coe, Albert 1922-1925
Folder 3 Minister’s Report. Haddaway, Klein 1925-1936
Folder 4 Minister’s Report. Howe. William T. 1938-1968
Folder 5 Merrill, Jacob F. Obituary 1991
Folders 6-9 Search Committee [New Minister] 1990-1991

Series 3. Financial

Box 13
Folder 1 Treasurer’s and Auditor’s Reports 1906-1919
Folder 2 Financial 1918
Folder 3 Invested Funds, Interest Account 1919-1927
Folder 4 Benevolence Reports 1925-1967
Folder 5 Renovations 1940
Folder 6 Historic Preservation 1968, 1990-1996
Folders 7-9 Treasurer’s and Auditor’s Reports 1922-1986
Box 14
Folders 10-13 Financial Ledgers 1988-1991
Folder 14 Pledges 1991, 1992, 1996
Folders 15-21 Financial Ledgers 1992-1996
Folder 22 Land Title, Clearance Defaulted 1996
Folders 23-25 Financial Ledgers 1997-1999
Folder 26 Energy Conservation 1999
Box 15
Folder 27 Bequests 1957, 1975, 1987-1991,1999
Folders 28-29 Anderson, Peter, Legacy 1999
Folders 30-31 Financial Statements
(temporary - destroy after FY 2005)
Folder 32 Minister's expenses
(temporary til 2005 )
Folder 33 Building Assessment
Feasibility Study
Folder 34 Treasurer’s Resignation Letter 2000
Folder 35 Bank, Investment Statements
Folder 36 Insurance 2001-2004
Folder 37 Communal building logistics and maintenance 2002-2003
Folder 38 Legal Documents: Church Dissolution 2004
Folder 39 Legal Documents: BWHCC vs. Freedom Ministries 2004

Series 4. Clubs and Societies

  Ladies Sewing Society and Woman's Union - Ledgers
Box 16
Folders 1-2 Ladies Sewing Society 1867-1899
Folders 3-6 Woman's Union 1918-1938
Box 17
Folders 7-9 Woman's Union 1938-1984
Folders 10-11 Letters (Folders) 1906-1964
  Charity and Missions - Ledgers
Box 18
Folders 12-13 Woman's Home Mission 1890-1910
Folders 14-15 Charities Aid 1918-1970
Folder 16 Junior Church Aid 1927-1936
Box 19
Folder 17 Junior Church Aid 1920-1936
  Charity and Missions - Folders
Folder 18 Church Aid 1920-1932 (gaps)
Folder 19 Junior Church Aid 1922-1930 (gaps)
Folder 20 Charities Aid 1920s-1930s, 1972
Folder 21 Missions 1906-1939
  Youth Groups
Folder 22 Winter Hill Youthful Helpers 1896-1899
Folder 23 Young People's Society 1906, 1920-1935
Folder 24 Christian Endeavor 1938-1952
Folder 25 Youth Groups 1952-1975
  Sunday School
Folder 26 Sunday School 1867-1880
Folder 27 Sunday School 1896-1901
Folder 28 Sunday School 1902-1957
Box 20
Folder 29 Sunday School 1959-1966
  Adult Groups
Folder 30 Daughters of the Covenant 1906, 1917, 1919
Folder 31 Keys Group 1938-1967 (gaps)
Folder 32 Knights of King Arthur/ Queens of Avalon 1938-1945
Folder 33 Wachusett Club 1916
Folder 34 Walter Colburn Club 1924
Folder 35 Men’s Union, Winter Hill / Broadway Winter Hill 1915-1930
Folder 36 Servicemen’s Committee 1944-1946
Folder 37 Servicemen’s Committee, Record of Servicemen 1944-1946

Series 5. Historian

Box 21
Folder 1 Church Bulletin 1964-1966, 1990 (gaps)
Folder 2 Guest Sign-in 1976-1991
Folder 3 Histories of the Church multiple dates
Folder 4 Noyes, C. L. Laying the Cornerstone 1925
Folder 5 Photographs n.d., 1980s
Folder 6 Programs, Anniversaries multiple dates
Folder 7 Programs, Special Events multiple dates
Folder 8 Speeches and Sermons  
Folders 9-11 Sunday Programs early 20th century, 1945-1992
Folder 12 World War II Honor Roll  
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