Smith, Llewellyn Parsons. Papers, 1956-2016.

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Llewellyn Parsons Smith papers, 1956-2016.


Smith, Llewellyn Parsons




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[Identification of item], in the Llewellyn Parsons Smith papers, 1956-2016, MS5310. The Congregational Library & Archives, Boston, MA.



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The Reverend Doctor Llewellyn (Lelly) Parsons Smith is a retired minister in Massachusetts. This collection contains a selection of Rev. Dr. Smith's essays and sermons.

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Gift of Rev. Dr. Llewellyn Parsons Smith, April 2016.


Biographical Note

The Reverend Doctor Llewellyn (Lelly) Parsons Smith is a retired minister in Massachusetts. She started her career by attending Smith College in 1960, Harvard Divinity School as well as Yale Divinity School in 1967, and Andover Newton Theological School in 1995. She has served as an English teacher; chaplain; lecturer; and pastor. She has given her time to a number of groups over the years. Some of those are: the Massachusetts Convention of Congregational Ministers; Northern New England School of Religious Education; United Church of Christ's Massachusetts Conference; Craigville Theological Colloquies; and Smith College. She is married to George Putnam Smith and they have three children. Rev. Dr. and Mr. Smith continue to reside north of Boston.


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This collection contains a selection of sermons and essays by Llewellyn Parsons Smith.


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Women clergy -- United Church of Christ.


Smith, Llewellyn Parsons.

Massachusetts Convention of Congregational Ministers.


Andover Newton Theological School.



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Massachusetts Convention of Congregational Ministers records, 1747-2008. RG0767



This collection is arranged in chronological order.



    Date Folder
Biographical information 2016 F1
Writings 1956-1972 F2
  Women in the Clegy - Fortiter et Recte 1956 F2
  Psalm 23 1966 F2
  Old Age An Important Part of a Whole Life 1966 F2
  "Of Insects" 1967 F2
  Helmut Niebuhr 1972 F2
Writings 1984-1987 F3
  Homily on John 2 1:15-19 1984 F3
  Why Those Jokes About Saint Peter and the Pearly Gates Don’t Leave Me Cold Anymore… 1984 F3
  Should All These Santas Be Going Up In Smoke Now? 1987 F3
  I Corinthians 2:1-11 Wisdom, Secret and Hidden 1987 F3
Writings 1991-1994 F4
  The Mystery and Mission of the Holy Spirit 1991 F4
  The Formation of Ministries Through and Through 1992 F4
  Of Sanctification Savoy Revisited in 1993 1993 F4
  The Origins of the World and the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 1994 F4
  Biography, Theology, Ministry 1994 F4
Writings 1995-1999 F5
  Between Pentecost and Trinity Sunday 1995 F5
  Can Wisdom Dance with the Triune God? 1995 F5
  Being in the Wilderness 1998 F5
  Meet John Wise: Contender For Congregational Democracy 1998 F5
  For the Festschrift in Honor of the Rev. Dr. Gabriel Fackre 1999 F5
  "I, the Lord, Have Called You." 1999 F5
Writings 2000-2006 F6
  The Darkness Has Not Overcome It 2000 F6
  John 18: 1-14 2000 F6
  Good News In Genetic Technology? Good News In the Gospel? 2001 F6
  Thoughts on Mother's Day 2002 F6
  Christ in the Garden 2002 F6
  In the Gardens 2003 F6
  Arius Re-Frocked 2005 F6
  Both Sides Now 2005 F6
  Reflections: Hymns to Die to 2006 F6
  Come, Holy Spirit 2006 F6
Writings 2007-2010 F7
  Underground Railroad and Harriet Tubman 2007 F7
  Harvard Stem Cell Forum: Religious Perspectives 2007 F7
  A Prisoner's Inspiration 2007 F7
  The Hidden Word 2008 F7
  Depart in Peace 2008 F7
  In the Wilderness: A New Beginning 2009 F7
  The Little Worlds 2010 F7
  Love Toward All Saints 2010 F7
Writings 2012-2015 F8
  Heaven in Our History 2012 F8
  The Society for Promoting Theological Education and the Williams Scholarship Fund Whence and Whiter? 2012 F8
  Too Awesome 2012 F8
  Jim Chase’s 25th. Sermon, I Thessalonians 3:9-13; Luke 2 1:25-36 2012 F8
  Happy Easter! Christ Has Risen! 2013 F8
  Installation of Rev. John Castricum 2013 F8
  In Time and Beyond Time 2015 F8
  Paper on Pilgrimage (edited in 2016) 2015 F8
Writings undated F9
  Being in the Wilderness undated F9
  Psalms Speak to Us in Hard Times undated F9
  Pastor to Pastor undated F9
  The Craigville Colloquies and the Holy Spirit undated F9
  Watts, Isaac 1674-1748 undated F9
  O Immanuel undated F9
  Divine Response undated F9
Images undated F10


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