Society for the Promotion of Collegiate and Theological Education. Records, 1827-1877

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Society for the Promotion of Collegiate and Theological Education records


Society for the Promotion of Collegiate and Theological Education




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The Society for the Promotion of Collegiate Theological Education (SPCTE) was founded ca. 1843 in New York, New York, for the purpose of providing direct financial aid to struggling colleges in the mid-western and western states. The organization was sponsored jointly by the Congregationalists and Presbyterians; in 1874 SPCTE merged with the American Education Society. After 1874, SPCTE was administered by the Congregationalists.

The history of SPCTE was intertwined with the American Education Society, New West Education Committee and Congregational Education Society. American Education Society was founded in 1815 for the "purpose of aiding indigent young men of talents and hopeful piety in acquiring a learned and competent education for the gospel ministry." It developed a more Congregational focus in the late 19th century and took on the name Congregational Education Society in 1894, and supported numerous schools throughout the United States. The New West Education Commission, was founded ca. 1880 to establish schools in Utah and neighboring western states to combat the influence the Mormonism in schools.

(Written by Lisa Plato, 10/1996)

Researchers should consult the American Education Society, RG 0752, for related material. There is a copy of the annual reports of the American Congregational Association (ACA), which would include events of SPCTE. Also, the histories of the ACA in the Congregational Library collection would further illuminate SPCTE and the social, political, and religious environment in which it resided.


Scope and Content

This collection consists mostly of incoming/outgoing correspondence collected by secretary Theron Baldwin. All the following series are arranged in chronological order. Much of the folder arrangement was that kept by Theron Baldwin.

Series I -- Correspondence, 1843-1873. This series does not include the over-sized outgoing correspondence, which was created by Theron Baldwin (TB).
Series II -- Application and School Files, 1836-1874. There is correspondence from schools, applications for aid, and rejected applications for aid.
Series III -- Financial Records, 1943-1974. Folders were separated by year. There are lists of donors, scholarships, bequests, reports, Vouchers , and receipts.
Series IV -- Board of Directors (BOD), 1827-1877. There are a number of sub-series within this section.
  Sub-Series A -- Correspondence, 1827-1877. The Board of Directors' Correspondence secretaries collections are here. This is not included in with the rest of the correspondence because it seemed to be a part of the governing body.
  Sub-Series B -- New England Secretary, 1863-1870
  Sub-Series C -- Historical Material, 1816, 1872
  Sub-Series D -- General
Series V -- Oversize Documents


Folder List

Series I -- Correspondence, 1843-1873

Box 1 Correspondence 1843-1845
Box 2 Correspondence 1845-1847
Box 3 Correspondence 1847-1849
Box 4 Correspondence 1849-1850
Box 5 Correspondence 1851-1854
Box 6 Correspondence 1854-1857
Box 7 Correspondence 1858-1860
Box 8 Correspondence 1860-1863
Box 9 Correspondence 1864-1867
Box 10 Correspondence 1867-1873

Series II -- Applications and School Files, 1836-1874

Box 11 Knox College Circulars and Program n.d.
  New England Puritan Documents n.d.
  Protestant Evangelical Society n.d.
  Beloit College n.d.
  African ME Church... n.d.
  Wabash College 1836-1844
  "Plan for Weston College" 1843-1844
  Lane Theological Seminary, docs. 1843-1844
  Applications, Geneso MLH School 1844, 1845, 1851
  Inspection Tour of Colleges 1846
  Knox College 1846-1848
  Western Reserve College (2) 1847
  Lane Seminary Aid Application 1847-1850
  Maryville College 1847
  Maryville 1848-1857
  Wabash College, Outline of the Religious History of 1848
  Illinois College, Application 1848
  Beloit College Application 1848
  Illinois College Application 1849
  Marietta College Application 1849
  Beloit College Application 1849
  Joint Collections of Central Education Society, Western Collegiate Society 1849-1852
  Bill to Incorporate Oberlin College 1850
  Wabash College Application 1850
  Tualatin Academy Documents 1850s
  Applications for Aid (3) 1850-1852
  Illinois State University Documents 1852
  Tulatin Academy 1852-1853
  Applications, Knox College 1852-1854
Box 12 Applications for Aid (4) 1853-1854
  Webster College 1853-1857
  St. Paul, MN., College of 1853-1856
  Correspondence from Colleges 1855-1856
  Beloit College 1855-1857
  Illinois College 1856
  College of California Corr. 1856
  Applications for Aid 1856-1857
  Applications for Aid 1857
  College Revivals 1857
  Applications (2) 1857-1858
  Iowa College Application 1858
  Applications 1859
  Articles of Appreciation of the Board of Trustees of Olivet College 1859
  Boston Societies 1860
  Iowa College Trustees 1861
  Iowa College 1864-1869
  Application for Aid 1865
  Iowa College 1866
  Correspondence: Tabor College 1868
  Corporate Memberships 1872
  Pacific Theological Seminary ca. 1873
  Agreement with Pacific; Olivet; Carlton; and Washburn College 1873
  Colorado College Application 1874
  Drury College 1874
  Lincoln College, Correspondence n.d.
  Rejected Applications for Aid  
    West Seminary 1843-1846
    Rock Island University 1841-1844
    Central College 1842-1845
    [several institutions] 1845, 1851
    La Grange Collegiate Institute 1846-1848

Series III -- Financial Records, 1843-1874

Box 13 Financial, misc. n.d.
  Bequests n.d.
  Financial Reports and Statements 1843-1844
  Vouchers 1843-1845
  Reports and Donor Lists 1843-1847
  Receipts 1844-1845
  Vouchers and Reports 1844-1845
  Donor Lists 1845
  Reports of Collections 1845-1846
  Donor Lists 1845-1846
  Receipts 1845-1846
  Bequests - Susan Cummings 1846-1858
  Vouchers of Society 1848
  Receipts 1848-1849
  Receipts 1849-1850
  Receipts (1-98) 1849-1850
  Receipts 1849-1858
  Receipts 1850
  Receipts for Periodicals 1850-1859
Box 14 Receipts 1851
  Vouchers 1851
  Receipts 1852
  Reports 1852
  Vouchers and Treasurer's Report (2) 1852
  Scholarships 1852-1853
  Receipts for periodicals 1852-1859
  Receipts from Mr. Webster 1852-1855
  Agent Reports 1853
  Vouchers 1853
  Treasurer's Report 1853
  Scholarships 1854
  Vouchers , "Twelfth Year" (2) 1854-1855
  Quarterly Reports 1854-1855
  Treasurer, letters to 1855
Box 15 Quarterly Reports  
    Rev. Dennis Platt 1855-1856
    Rev. T. Baldwin 1855-1856
    L.A. Edgill 1855-1858
    Ephraim Adams 1856
  Wabash College Receipts 1856-1857
  Receipts 1856-1857
  Receipts (2) 1857
  Reports 14 Year 1857
  Receipts 1858
  Reports 1858
  Financial Reports and Vouchers 1858-1859
  Financial Reports 1859
  Letters and Reportsca 1860s
  Treasurer's Reports 1860s
  Bequests / Legacies - Timothy Stillman ca. 1860s
  Treasurer's Report 1861-1862
  Bequests and Legacies 1861-1862
  Treasurer's Notebook 1862-1870
  Reports 1862
  Vouchers 1863
  Treasurer's Accounts and Vouchers 1863-1867
Box 16 Liberal Benefactions 1865
  Subscriptions "Diary" 1865
  Financial Record and Receipt 1865
  Vouchers 1866
  Receipts 1866, 1867, 1869
  Receipts and Expenses 1869
  Correspondence in/out 1869-1873
  Account Book 1869-1874
  Reports 1869
  Vouchers 1869
  Receipts and Donations 1869
  Receipts 1870
  Vouchers and Receipts 1871-1874
  Reports 1872

Series IV -- Board of Directors (BoD), 1827-1877

Box 17 Annual Reports (bound) 1844-1856;
Box 18 Address on the Mutual Cooperation of Different Denominations in the Support of Christian Colleges, by Dr. Peter 1858
  Consulting Committee 1862-1874
  Sub-Series A -- Board Correspondence, 1827-1877
  From German Evangelical College 1868
  Proposed Modification of the Society at the 19th Annual Meeting 1862
  Board of Directors 1871
  Corresponding Secretary Theron Baldwin - incoming  
    General 1827; 1840;
    Arrangement between the Western Education Society and the SPCTEW ca. 1844-1851
    General 1847; 1844-1865;
1848-1849; 1864
  Corresponding Secretary A. B. Rich - incoming 1867-1869
  from H. Butterfield's records ca. 1868
  Corresponding Secretary H. Butterfield  
    21st and 26th Report n.d.
    misc. n.d.
  Corresponding Secretaries - incoming  
    Donation of Azel S. Lyman 1858
    Theron Baldwin (2) 1870-1871
    H. Butterfield (11) 1871-1874; 1877
Box 19 Recording Secretary (RS) from Jeffery Spaulding's records 1870
  Sub-Series B -- New England Secretary, 1863-1870
  Donations at the Boston Office of the Western College Society 1868
  Correspondence - incoming  
    A. B. Rich (2) 1868
    H. Butterfield 1873
    A. B. Rich, some H. Butterfield 1868, 1870
    A. B. Rich (2) 1869, 1870
    A. B. Rich, some H. Butterfield 1870
  Sub-Series C -- Historical Material, 1816, 1872
  Acts of Incorporation 1872
  Acts and Resolves of Massachusetts 1816
  Report of Committee on Consolidation with AES 1872
  Misc. (2) n.d.
  Historical Documents and Charters n.d.
  Sub-Series D -- General, 1843-1866
  Correspondence - Dr. Beecher and Theron Baldwin 1843
  "President Pierce on the Object Which the Society Ought to Have in View" 1844
  Dodd, M.W. and Tyler's Essay 1854-1859
  Tyler's Term Essay 1855
  Sprecher, Sturtevout and Stillman's speeches 1856
  Speeches 1854
  "Notices of 16th Anniversary and Letter of Mr. Billings" 1859
  Letters from Directors 1869
  Directory, Names n.d.
  Clippings ca. 1866
  Clippings, College Memorials n.d.
  Clippings, Denominational Colleges n.d.
  Clippings, list in folder (3) n.d

Series V -- Oversize, 1844-1872

Box 20  Outgoing correspondence from Theron Baldwin 1849-1853;
  Outgoing correspondence from Marcus Wilbur 1845-1849
  Account Book 1854-1871;
  Scrapbook n.d.
  Record book with subscriptions n.d.
Box 21 Outgoing Correspondence, Baldwin 1860-1865;
  Mailing and Account book 1869
  Bound Ledger n.d.
  Account Book 1844-1853;
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