New York Conference. Hudson-Mohawk Association. Records, 1906-1959

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Hudson-Mohawk Association records


Congregational Association of New York, Hudson River Association
Congregational Conference of New York, Hudson River Association
New York Congregational Christian Conference, Hudson River Association
  now United Church of Christ, New York Conference, Hudson Mohawk Association




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RG 1442

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[Identification of item], in the Hudson-Mohawk Association records, RG 1442. The Congregational Library and Archive, Boston, MA.



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Processed by Ginger Yowell, November 2002

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Received from Rev. Richard D. Hunter of the Hudson-Mohawk Association, 1995.


These records were donated to the Congregational Library in 1995 by Rev. Richard D. Hunter on behalf of the Hudson-Mohawk Association, New York Conference. The original order of these records was chronological; but since their arrival at the Congregational Library, they have been reorganized by type of record as shown in this finding aid. Rev. Hunter created a complete chronological index of this collection which will serve as a useful reference. A copy of the index can be found in the finding aid folder housed with this collection.


Scope and Content

These records consist of minutes, programs, reports, correspondence, newspaper clippings and other ministerial information for the Hudson River Association of the New York Conference.

The majority of records in this collection are minutes or correspondence and cover the years 1936-1959. Many individual items had no apparent date. However, since they were originally housed in chronological order, the processor added the date (when one could be determined by placement) in the top right corner in parentheses. The items were separated by type of material where possible, but some were glued together and were best left conjoined. A complete chronological index can be found in this collection with the finding aid.

Series I consists of minutes of the Association from the years 1928-1959. They are first divided by committee or other creator and then placed in chronological order. The folders are in alphabetical order with the exception of General Minutes coming first and Miscellaneous Minutes following at the end. The first 3 folders (General Minutes) contain several items that were glued and were unable to be separated; therefore, some consist of minutes and programs for the same event glued together. Similarly, folder 15 (Ordination and Installation Council) contains items that are minutes, programs and correspondence glued together but covering the same event.

Series II contains programs for Hudson River Association programs and meetings, as well as programs for the Society of Congregational Christian Women and ministerial events such as ordination and installation services.

Series III consists of any type of correspondence, arranged in chronological order.

Series IV contains a small amount of newspaper clippings, many of which are related to documents housed elsewhere in the collection.

Series V consists of other Association records that did not fall in the above categories. Folder 1 contains items such as Selective Service certificates, maps of Association boundaries, a list of meeting locations (1924-1960), and brief ministerial biographies. Folder 2 has several different copies of the Association's constitution plus any amendments or revisions. Folder 3 consists of a few flyers of Association events. Folder 4 contains mostly essays and sermons written by those seeking ordination.


Folder List

Series I – Minutes, 1928-1959

Folder 1  General minutes 1928-1945
Folder 2  General minutes 1946-1955
Folder 3  General minutes 1956-1959
Folder 4  Attendance 1952-1959
Folder 5  Christian Education and Social Action Committees 1942-1959
Folder 6  Churchmen's Fellowship Committee  
Folder 7  Credentials Committee 1943-1959
Folder 8  Dismissal Council 1940-1959
Folder 9  Evangelism Committee 1950-1958
Folder 10  Executive Committee 1936-1959
Folder 11  Laymen's Fellowship 1945-1952
Folder 12  Moderator's Reports 1943-1958
Folder 13  Nominating Committee 1943-1956
Folder 14  Officers and Committees 1944-1959
Folder 15  Ordination and Installation Council 1937-1959
Folder 16  Registrar's Reports 1943-1956
Folder 17  Resolutions Committee and Resolutions 1943-1959
Folder 18  Society of Congregational Christian Women 1934-1958
Folder 19  Special meetings 1936-1956
Folder 20  Stewardship Committee 1943-1959
Folder 21  Town and Country Committee 1945-1955
Folder 22  Treasurer's Reports 1941-1959
Folder 23  Miscellaneous minutes 1943-1959

Series II – Programs, 1906-1959

  Subseries A – Hudson River Association, 1906-1959
Folder 1  Annual meetings 1906, 1940-1959
Folder 2  Fall and Spring meetings 1954-1959
Folder 3  Worship services 1942-1959
  Subseries B – Other Programs, 1934-1959
Folder 4  Society of Congregational Christian Women 1942-1953
Folder 5  Services of Ordination, Installation and Recognition 1934-1959
Folder 6  Miscellaneous  

Series III – Correspondence, 1935-1959

Folder 1  Correspondence 1935-1949
Folder 2  Correspondence 1950
Folder 3  Correspondence 1951
Folder 4  Correspondence 1952
Folder 5  Correspondence 1953
Folder 6  Correspondence 1954
Folder 7  Correspondence 1955
Folder 8  Correspondence 1956
Folder 9  Correspondence 1957
Folder 10  Correspondence 1958
Folder 11  Correspondence 1959

Series IV – Newspaper clippings, 1942-1958

Folder 1  Newspaper clippings 1942-1958

Series V – Other Association Records

Folder 1  Association records 1924-1960
Folder 2  Constitutions  
Folder 3  Flyers  
Folder 4  Pre-ordination materials  
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