Medford, Massachusetts. Congregational Church of West Medford. Records, 1872-2014.

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Medford, Mass. Congregational Church of West Medford records, 1872-2014.


Congregational Church of West Medford (Medford, Mass.)

Union Congregational Church (Medford, Mass.)




6 record cartons, 1 clamshell box, 2 short lid flat boxes, 2 document cases, 1 box (9.55 cubic feet)

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This collection includes material from the West Medford and Union Congregational Churches. Types of material include annual reports; committee minutes; membership; ministers; building; church histories; social groups; Sunday school; photographs; newspaper clippings; newsletters; and Sunday bulletins.

Acquisition Information:

Gift from the West Medford Church, September 2014.


Received 4 box accrual in January 2016.


Historical Note

The Congregational Church of West Medford formed in 1872. Its first meeting house was at the corner of Harvard Avenue and Bower Street. That building burned to the ground in 1903. The new building was relocated to High Street; in 1927, a second fire destroyed part of the sanctuary and in 1954 the church built a parish house. The congregation had a strong Sunday school presence.

The origin of the church was based in a Sabbath school established by Rachel Barnes in 1864. Enrollment in Sunday school continued to be strong throughout the 19th century. Additionally, the church established several women's groups, which combined in 1897 as the Women's League, which continued to be active throughout the 20th century.

This collection includes records from Union Congregational Church, which formed in 1887. It was also referred to as Marion Street and it merged with West Medford in 1989. There had already been a relationship between the Congregations since 1971 through a shared ministry program, one that also included the North Street Union church of Medford.

West Medford added a Social Action Committee in 1950, affiliated with the United Church of Christ in 1961, and unanimously voted to be an Open and Affirming Church in 2009. In 2014, the congregation sold the church and property on High Street in favor of a smaller, store-front location.


Scope of Collection

This collection contains records about annual reports; committee minutes; membership; ministers; building; church histories; social groups; Sunday school; photographs; newspaper clippings; newsletters; and Sunday bulletins. There is some very minimal material from Union. West Medford does not have its earliest annual reports or records, probably lost during the fires of 1903 and 1927. The 2016 accrual included a membership book that covers the lifetime of the church; the first section appears to be transcribed, later members were added piecemeal. No baptismal records of note are in this collection.


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Congregational Church of West Medford (Medford, Mass.)

Union Congregational Church (Medford, Mass.)

Marion Street Congregational Church (Medford, Mass.)

Church records and registers - Massachusetts- Medford.

Medford (Mass.) - Church history.

Covenant (Church polity) - Congregational churches.

Installation (clergy).

Music in churches.


Women - Societies and clubs.

Sunday school.

Business meetings.

Church membership.

Church anniversaries.

Barnes, Rachel.


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The Congregational Library & Archives' collection of Medford, Mass. Mystic Congregational Church records, 1847-1978.



The West Medford Church records are arranged in three series. Because the final iteration of this congregation was a merger, the records that predate that merger for Union are in separate series.

Series I: West Medford Church records

Series II: West Medford Church life

Series III: Union Congregational Church records



Series I: West Medford Church records

Date: 1884-2014
Extent: 2 boxes
Scope of Series: This series includes official records of the church including constitution; by-laws; annual reports; committee meetings; membership; building; ministers; financial. The annual reports do not start until 1932, but then run with no major interruption. There is almost no separate record for financial, although it is included in annual reports.
Arrangement: Arranged by topic and within each topic chronologically.
      Date Box/Folder
  Constitution and bylaws 1884-2007, undated B1/F1
    Date Box/Folder
  Annual reports to 1949, with by-laws and membership to 1950 1932-1950 B9
    Date Box/Folder
  Annual reports 1949-1953 B1/F2
    Date Box/Folder
  Annual and special meetings including by-laws 1950-1954 B10/F1
    Date Box/Folder
  Annual reports 1954-1957 B1/F3
    Date Box/Folder
  Annual and special meetings 1955-1961 B10/F2
    Date Box/Folder
  Annual reports 1958-1962 B1/F4
    Date Box/Folder
  Annual and special meetings 1961-1965 B10/F3
    Date Box/Folder
  Annual reports 1963-1965 B1/F5
  Annual reports 1966-1969 B1/F6
    Date Box/Folder
  Annual and special meetings 1966-1970 B10/F4
    Date Box/Folder
  Annual reports 1970-1975 B1/F7
    Date Box/Folder
  Annual and special meetings 1971-1973 B10/F5
  Annual and special meetings 1974-1988 B10/F6
    Date Box/Folder
  Annual reports 1976-1981 B1/F8
  Annual reports 1982-1987 B1/F9
  Annual reports 1988-1993 B1/F10
  Annual reports 1994-1997, 2000-2003 B1/F11
  Annual reports 2004-2008 B1/F12
  Annual reports 2009-2014 B1/F13
  Annual and special meeting minutes 2000-2014 B1/F14
    Date Box/Folder
  Prudential committee minutes, reports, correspondence 1962-1964 B1/F15
  Prudential committee minutes, reports, correspondence 1964-1966 B1/F16
  Prudential committee minutes, reports, correspondence 1966-1969 B1/F17
  Prudential committee 1969-1971 B1/F18
  Prudential committee 1971-1973 B1/F19
  Prudential committee 1973-1975 B1/F20
  Prudential committee 1988 B1/F21
    Date Box/Folder
  Reports and records 1892-1909 B2/F1
    Date Box/Folder
  Reports and memos 1960s-1970s B8/F1
  Deacon's Board 1952-1964 B8/V1
    Date Box/Folder
  Officers and committee members 1977-2012 B2/F47
  Church survey and self-appraisal 1982, 2003 B2/F2
  Moderator records 1987-1989 B2/F3
  Diaconate 1992-1996 B2/F4
  Executive committee, council meeting reports and correspondence 1996-2001 B2/F5
  Executive committee meetings and reports 1998-1999 B2/F6
  Executive committee and council  meetings and reports 2000-2003 B2/F7
  Council meetings and reports 2002-2006 B2/F8
  Council meetings minutes 2007-2013 B2/F9
  Merger negotiations with Arlington, Mass. Pleasant Street Church 2009 B2/F48
    Date Box/Folder
  Church committee 1916-1935 B9
    Date Box/Folder
  Church committee 1947-1964 B11/F1
  Church committee 1964-1970 B11/F2
  Church committee 1971-1987 B11/F3
   Date Box/Folder
  Church committee 1992-1994 B2/F10
    Date Box/Folder
  Committee minutes 2001-2009 B11/F4
  Committee minutes 2001-2009 B11/F5
Membership and vital statistics
    Date Box/Folder
  Marriages, transcribed circa 1983 1911-1947 B2/F11
  Wedding programs 1988-1996 B2/F42
    Date Box/Folder
  Membership 1872-2014 B9
    Date Box/Folder
  Membership 1909, 1930s-1940s, 1983 B2/F12
  Membership who went into the ministry 1918-1978, undated B2/F13
  Membership 1940s-1990s B2/F14
  Membership 1949-1951 B2/F15
  Membership list and survey 1949 B2/F16
  Membership directories 1985-2012 B2/F17
  Amy Bean – will bequest 1956 B8/F2
    Date Box/Folder
  Property purchase, warranty deed and letter of sale 1873 B2/F43
  Tower clock and church bells 1873-1904 B2/F44
    Date Box/Folder
  Property: legal, deeds 1902-1904, 1916 B8/F3
  Cornerstone ceremony, building dedication 1904, 1905 B2/F18
  Bid and spec for building 1904 B2/F19
  Sanctuary fire correspondence and photographs 1903, 1927 B2/F20
  Memorial windows 1950s-1960s B2/F21
  Parish house council 1950-1954 B2/F22
  Parish house council 1950-1954 B2/F23
  Parish house council architectural drawings 1950-1954 B2/F24
  Parish house council clippings 1954 B2/F25
  Parish house council photographs and programs 1954 B2/F26
  Charles Bean memorial chapel 1954 B2/F27
  Letters regarding carillon installation 1967 B2/F28
  Architectural drawings, clock tower dial, fellowship hall, vent system 1972-1974 B2/F45
  Time capsule 1976 B2/F29
  Tenant: Gentle Dragon Preschool 1988-1993 B2/F30
  Environmental Stewardship Assessment 2004 B2/F46
Ministry and ministers
    Date Box/Folder
  Ministers 1895-1904 B2/F40
  Smith, Henry Francis 1915, 1930s-1940s B2/F31
  Washburn, Gordon 1947-1998 B2/F32
  Associate pastors 1968-1988 B2/F33
  Shared ministries 1973-1986 B8/F4
  Search committees 1981-1987 B2/F34
  Doran, F. Henry 1983-1986 B2/F35
  Rodrigues-Lima, Otavio 1983-1986 B2/F36
  North Street Union and West Medford shared ministry 1986-1987 B2/F37
  Scott, Marjorie 1986 B2/F38
  Titus, Larry and Kathryn 1987 B2/F39
  Savides, Steven pastoral call 2009 B2/F41

Series II:  West Medford Church Life

Date: 1877-2014
Extent: 5 boxes
Scope of Series: This series includes anniversaries; activities; music and theatrical programs; histories of the church; Sunday school; men’s and women’s groups; photographs; newspaper clippings; newsletters; and Sunday bulletins.
Arrangement: The first half of this series is alphabetical. The second half is comprised of bulletins and newsletters in chronological order.
    Date Box/Folder
  50th Anniversary 1922 B3/F1
  75th Anniversary 1947 B3/F2
  100th Anniversary 1972 B3/F3
  Centennial stamps 1972 B6
  Centennial negatives 1972 B6
  Anniversaries 1877-1902 B3/F4
  Anniversaries 1952, 1962, 1992 B3/F5
  Children participate in service 1998 B3/F6
  Christian unity week of prayer 1966-1982 B3/F7
  Church bell controversy, letters, background information 1989 B3/F32
  Dedications, installations programs 1904-1988 B3/F8
  Ecumenical services with Saint Raphael Parish 1988-1993 B3/F33
  Good Friday prayer vigil sign in sheets 1973-2007 B3/F9
  Histories of the church 1910-1990s B3/F10
  History of the church by Alexander Diebold 1922 B3/F11
  History of the church up to 1941, 1965 B3/F12
  History of the church by Marion Wilcox 1955, 1962 B3/F13
  Historian 1970s-1990s B3/F14
    Date Box/Folder
  Historical exhibit undated B8/F19
    Date Box/Folder
  Historically noteworthy newsletters 1930s-1960s B3/F15
    Date Box/Folder
  Historically noteworthy newsletters 1901 B12
    Date Box/Folder
  Hymnal donation to Germany 1997 B3/F34
  International weekend 1960 B3/F16
  Music program, choir, vestments 1910 B3/F17
  Music program 1947-1957 B3/F18
  Music program 1960s-1990s B3/F19
  Newspaper clippings undated B8/F5
    Date Box/Folder
  Obituaries 1899-1934 B3/F20
  Outreach committee refugees 1957 B3/F21
  Photographs 1904-1970s, undated B3/F22
    Date Box/Folder
  Photograph of choir circa 1910 B12
  Photographs of church undated B12
  75th anniversary panoramic photograph of the congregation at a meal
Physical restriction: This panoramic photograph is damaged from being folded and must be kept in the polyester sleeves. Staff and researchers treat this with extra care.
1947 B12
    Date Box/Folder
  Photographs 1990s B3/F23
  Photographs 2000s B3/F24
  Programs, theatrical, musical. Photographs 1930s-1960s B3/F25
  Programs - fairs, musical, theatrical 1930s-1960s B3/F26
  Sunday school 1882-1923 B3/F31
  Sunday school, Christian education committee 1950-1959 B3/F27
  Sunday school 1960s B3/F28
  Sunday school lists 1980s B3/F29
  University of life 1980-1983 B3/F30
Groups and clubs
    Date Box/Folder
  Ladies association constitution and minutes 1889-1899 B4/F1
  Ladies association photocopy of minutes and reports 1891-1897 B4/F2
    Date Box/Folder
  Woman's missionary society minutes 1884-1895 B6
    Date Box/Folder
  Women's missionary society 1895-1897 B4/F3
  Women's group Circle II minutes 1936-1944 B4/F4
    Date Box/Volume
  Women's group Circle 7 1959-1993 B8/V2
    Date Box/Folder
  Women's league directories 1907-1993, gaps B6
  Women's league hearts and flowers bazaar brochure 1962 B6
  Women's league minutes 1937-1947 B6
  Women's league executive board 1937-1957 B6
  Women's league minutes 1947-1957 B6
  Woman's league executive board 1937-1957 B6
  Woman's league executive board 1958-1977 B6
    Date Box/Folder
  Women's league 1911, 1950s-1990s B4/F5
    Date Box/Folder
  Women's league minutes 1986-1987 B6
  Women's league minutes 1991-1993 B6
    Date Box/Folder
  Men's club constitution, by-laws, membership circa 1899 B4/F6
  Brotherhood records 1914-1960 B4/F7
  Brotherhood records 1933-1968 B4/F8
    Date Box/Folder
  Brotherhood minutes 1933-1957 B6
  Brotherhood minutes 1958-1968 B6
    Date Box/Folder
  Young couples club 1950s-1960s B4/F9
  Round and about club 1970s-1980s B4/F10
    Date Box/Folder
  Bowling league constitution and by-laws 1968 B6
Newsletter and Sunday bulletin
    Date Box/Folder
  Reporter newsletter 1938-1940 B4/F11
  Reporter newsletter 1949-1954 B4/F12
  Reporter newsletter 1954-1957 B4/F13
  Reporter newsletter 1957-1960 B4/F14
  Reporter newsletter 1960-1961 B4/F15
  Reporter newsletter and Sunday bulletin 1961-1962 B4/F16
  Reporter newsletter and Sunday bulletin 1962-1963 B4/F17
  Reporter newsletter and Sunday bulletin 1963-1964 B4/F18
  Reporter newsletter and Sunday bulletin 1964-1965 B4/F19
  Reporter newsletter and Sunday bulletin 1965-1966 B4/F20
  Reporter newsletter and Sunday bulletin 1966-1967 B4/F21
  Reporter newsletter 1971-1973 B8/F6
  Reporter newsletter 1974-1976 B8/F7
  Reporter newsletter 1977-1979 B8/F8
  Reporter newsletter 1979-1982 B8/F9
  Reporter newsletter 1982-1984 B8/F10
  Reporter newsletter 1984-1986 B8/F11
  Reporter newsletter 1986-1988 B8/F12
    Date Box/Folder
  Sunday bulletin 1904-1909 B4/V1
  Sunday bulletin 1910-1912 B4/V2
  Sunday bulletin 1939-1943 B4/F22
  Sunday bulletin 1943-1947 B7/F1
  Sunday bulletin 1947-1950 B7/F2
  Sunday bulletin 1950-1955 B7/F3
  Sunday bulletin 1955-1957 B7/F4
  Sunday bulletin 1958-1961 B7/F5
  Sunday bulletin 1975-1977 B7/F6
  Sunday bulletin 1977-1978 B7/F7
  Sunday bulletin 1982-1984 B7/F8
  Sunday bulletin 1986-1990 B7/F9
  Sunday bulletin 1990-1991 B7/F10
  Sunday bulletin 2007 B7/F11
  Sunday bulletin 2008 B7/F12
  Sunday bulletin 2009 B7/F13
  Sunday bulletin 2010 B7/F14
  Sunday bulletin 2011 B7/F15
  Sunday bulletin 2012 B7/F16
  Reporter newsletter and Sunday bulletin 2013 B7/F17
  Reporter newsletter and Sunday bulletin 2013-2014 B7/F18
  Reporter newsletter and Sunday bulletin 2014 B7/F19
  Sunday bulletins and newsletters from special occasions 1950s, 1970s-1980s B7/F20

Series III:  Union Congregational Church records

Date: 1912-1989
Extent: 2 boxes
Scope of Series: This series contains correspondence; merger information; histories of the church; meeting minutes; membership; programs; photographs; and newspaper clippings.
Arrangement: The material is arranged in alphabetical order.
    Date Box/Folder
  Correspondence 1955-1987 B8/F13
  Dissolution and merger with West Medford 1988-1989 B8/F14
  Histories 1912-1977 B8/F15
    Date Box/Folder
  House of representatives citation for 100th anniversary 1987 B12
    Date Box/Folder
  Meeting minutes, correspondence 1960-1989 B8/F16
  Membership 1984-1989 B8/F17
  Programs, photographs, clippings 1909-1988 B8/F18


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