Clarke, Dorus. Papers, 1820-1883.

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Rev. Dorus Clarke papers, 1820-1883.


Clarke, Dorus, 1797-1884




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MS 0845

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[Identification of item], in the Rev. Dorus Clarke papers, MS 0845. The Congregational Library and Archive, Boston, MA.

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Processed by Aaron Tieger, March-April 2001


Dorus Clarke was born in Westhampton, Mass. on January 2, 1797. His parents were Jonathan and Jemima (Lyman) Clarke. In 1817 he graduated from Williams College, and in 1820, Andover Theological Seminary. He was ordained at Blandford, Mass. on February 5, 1823, and dismissed two years later on February 17th. In 1824 he married Hannah Alvard, daughter of Gad and Deborah (Alcott) Bliss (Hannah died 1878). They had five children. On March 4, 1835, he was installed at Chicopee Falls, Springfield, and he remained there until November 4th, 1840. Upon retiring from the ministry he served as editor of New England Puritan (1841-5); Christian Parlor Magazine (1845-7); Christian Times (1845-51); and Christian Alliance and Family Visitor. In 1868 he received the honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from his alma mater. Dorus was a member of the New England Historical Genealogical Society. He died March 8, 1884, aged 87 years, 2 months, 6 days.

During his lifetime Dorus published several essays, sermons, and tracts. 1) The True Foundation of Christian Hope, a sermon at the ordination of his brother (Tertius S. Clarke, South Deerfield, Mass), 1827; 2) Lectures to Young People, 1836; 3) Sermon: Funeral of William L. Wyman, 1839; 4) Evangelists (A Tract) (date unknown); 5) Fugitives from the Escritoire of a Retired Editor, 1864; 6) Westhampton Reunion, 1866; 7) The Oneness of the Christian Church, 1869; 8) Orthodox Congregationalism and the Sects, 1871; 9) Revision, 1874; 10) Life and Writings of M. Guizot, 1875; 11) Ancestry and Writings (privately printed), 1876; 12) What is the True Idea of the Trinity of God? 1877; 13) One Hundred Years of a New England Church, 1879; 14) "Saying the Catechism", 1879; 15) Centenary Memorial, Westhampton, Mass., 1879; 16) Open Letter to Rev. Dr. Crosby, 1881; 17) The Alleged Progress in Theology, 1883.

Source: Congregational Yearbook, 1885.


Scope and Content

Series A Sermon Manuscripts, July 1820-March 1875 (including one folder of undated sermon manuscripts)
  These comprise the bulk of the Clarke papers. It is difficult at times to determine the difference between a rough and final draft. Dorus was extremely attentive to recording on each manuscript the dates and places where the sermon was read. Most were read three times; many were read more than fifteen. They have been arranged by the earliest date read.
Series B Published Writings, 1869-1883
  These are the extant manuscripts in the Congregational Library's possession of Dorus's published writings. As with the sermons, it is often difficult to establish the finality of a manuscript. They have been arranged according to the date written by Dorus on the manuscript.
Series C Unpublished Writings, 1828-1883
  Folder 34, Biographical Sketches, is arranged alphabetically by the surname of the essay's subject. The remainder of the folders is arranged chronologically. There is a folder of undated, unpublished, yet apparently completed writings.
Series D Hannah (Bliss) Clarke
  Several documents in Dorus's wife's hand, including a diary of the year 1820.
Series E Miscellaneous
  This series consists mostly of scraps or portions of various writings in Dorus's hand. Folder 40 is arranged by date (1825-1848); the subsequent folders are undated.

Folder List

Series A.
  Folder 1 July-December 1820
  Folder 2 January-April 1821
  Folder 3 April 1821-November 1822
  Folder 4 March-July 1823
  Folder 5 September-December 1823
  Folder 6 January-February 1824
  Folder 7 March-April 1824
  Folder 8 May-July 1824
  Folder 9 August-December 1824
  Folder 10 January-August 1825
  Folder 11 September-December 1825
  Folder 12 January-May 1826
  Folder 13 June-November 1826
  Folder 14 January-October 1827
  Folder 15 January-December 1828
  Folder 16 January-November 1829
  Folder 17 January-June 1830
  Folder 18 September-December 1830
  Folder 19 March-May 1831
  Folder 20 June 1831-June 1832
  Folder 21 July 1832-December 1833
  Folder 22 January-November 1834
  Folder 23 March 1835-July 1836
  Folder 24 December 1836-October 1839
  Folder 25 1845 (no month)-January 1854
  Folder 26 March-November 1854
  Folder 27 February 1855-November 1856
  Folder 28 January 1857-October 1875
  Folder 29 Undated Sermons
Series B
  Folder 30 1869-1876
  Folder 31 1877-1879
  Folder 32 1879
  Folder 33 1883
Series C
  Folder 34 Biographical Sketches, Bacon-Smith
  Folder 35 1828-1866
  Folder 36 1867-1876
  Folder 37 1878-1883
  Folder 38 undated
Series D
  Folder 39 1811-1820, and undated
Series E
  Folder 40 1825-1848
  Folder 41 undated
  Folder 42 undated


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