Richard J. Boles' Collection of New England church history, 1791-2013.

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Richard J. Boles' Collection of New England church history.


Boles, Richard J.


1791-1958, 2012-2013


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Dr. Boles is professor of American religious history who specializes in African American and American Indian affiliation with and participation in the North's churches from 1730 to 1850. The collection includes handwritten manuscripts, printed material from the late 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, published sermons, 19th century church histories, and other materials.

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Placed on permanent loan to the Congregational Library & Archives by Richard J. Boles in July 2013.


Historical Note

The material in this collection was assembled by Dr. Richard Boles. Dr. Boles is professor of American religious history who specializes in African American and American Indian affiliation with and participation in the North's churches from 1730 to 1850.


Scope of Collection

The items in this collection have been gathered from a variety of sources between 2002 and the present. The collection began by focusing primarily on Boston churches and then gradually expanded to include material related to New England generally. The collection includes handwritten manuscripts, printed material from the late 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, published sermons, 19th century church histories, and records.


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Subject Headings

Boles, Richard J.

New England--Church history.

Boston (Mass.) - Church history.

African American churches - History.

African Americans - Segregation.

Church records and registers - Massachusetts - Boston.

Sermons, American - 19th century.

Ockenga, Harold John, 1905-1985

Old South Church (Boston, Mass.)

Park Street Church (Boston, Mass.)

Native American history and society

Conrad, Arcturus Z. (Arcturus Zodiac), 1855-1937.


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Boston, Mass. Park Street Church records, 1804-1976.


By Harold John Ockenga

'Baptist John'

Bible Christians : a sermon

The church in God : expository values in Thessalonians

The Epistles to the Thessalonians

The Holy Spirit and tongue

Our Protestant heritage : a series of sermons

Power through Pentecost

Protestant preaching in Lent

Satan, his person, work, dominion, and end

Women who made Bible history messages and character sketches dealing with familiar Bible women



Original order according to Richard Boles.



Series I: Manuscript Items

Date: 1791-1958

Extent: 3 boxes

Scope of Series: Handwritten manuscripts, sermons, church histories, and church records. There are a total of 15 discrete sections within series 1, some of these sections are one or two items, while others are more extensive. Dr. Boles has included detailed information about each.

Arrangement: The order determined by Richard Boles has been maintained in the description of series. Due to size requirements, some items were physically separated. Oversize items are in box 3.




1. Dorchester, Boston, Mass. Second Church records circa 1805-1815 B1/F1
One soft-cover, handwritten record book. Includes "A sketch of the Establishment of the 2d Church of Christ in Dorchester", "The Church Covenant", copy of some meeting minutes, "The Answer to Dr. Codman", "Mr. Codman's Answer to the Church", members of the church 1808 to 1815, "Names of Relations Disposed", and "Mr. Codman's Confess. of Faith". This church was founded in 1808 by members of the First Church of Dorchester. These records may have been a personal copy kept by their first minister, the Rev. John Codman.
2. Boston, Mass. Mt. Vernon Congregational Church collection circa 1896 B1/F2
Six letters, one list of committee members, and a printed sermon "A Sermon Preached in Mt. Vernon Church, Boston upon the Twenty-fifth Anniversary of his Settlement by S. E. Herrick, D.D.", 1896. Letters written by Sanford Keith, church clerk, James Gordon, and J. A. Brown. All materials relate to the committee organized to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the church's pastor.
3. Vernon, Conn. Ecclesiastical Society records 1822-1869 B1/F3
Ecclesiastical Society of Vernon papers consisting of bills, receipts, lists of members and more. This religious society was located in Tolland County, CT. Vast majority, 1822-1859, with a few early 1860s. Also included is a small leather book, 4" x 6", 16pp, listing Church Members, 1851-1869. It appears as if the Society was gradually dwindling down. Most of the papers are financial in nature and deal with a variety of goods and services, with some interesting content.

The collection includes many signed items including:

1827 Receipt, teaching sacred music, Salmon Phelps

1837 Bill, repairs to Meeting House, Benjamin Talcott

1835 Bill, sundry services at the Steeple, Phineas Chapman

1823 Receipt, "Supplying the pulpit in said Society nine Sabbaths", William P. Kendrick

1835 Receipt, ringing bell, winding clock, Francis McClean

1848 Bill, salary as Pastor one year, Albert Smith

1861 Bill, services as Sexton, 1 cord for tolling bell, A. C. Roberts

1854 Bill, putting up door frame, Parsonage House, M. Wood.

1854 Bill, supplying desk, three sabbaths and the Annual Thanksgiving, Cyril Pearl.

Most are receipts and bills, with a few larger items (legal size.)

Condition: Overall clean, good-excellent.
4. Charles Simmons diary and Paris, NY Church records circa 1791 to 1830 B1/F4
One bound volume with a variety of handwritten items and newspaper clipping. This early 19th century copy book is a mix of records, class notes, and scrapbook. It is written in several hands, but several sections seem to have been written by Rev. Charles Simmons. The first 25 pages are horticultural notes from a periodical pasted over the manuscript entries, then a short section of theological questions and answers. There are then a series of essays or class notes, such as Ledyard's Eulogy on Women, Questions with answers from Blairs Lectures, Irving's Granada, Butler's Analogy. A 39 page section titled "Letters to a friend, containing Sketches from my journal of a tour in some parts of New England, in the Spring and Summer of 1828", seemed to have been written by Charles Simmons. This section has references to Thomas Williams and the importance of having a doctrinal tract Society, described a visit to the Rev. Enoch Pond in Sutton, the Rev. Wood of Upton, Spirit of the Pilgrims, opinions of Dr. Beecher and a long positive description of the Rev. Emmons' contributions to theology. The writer is a Calvinist. The journal of the tour is followed by Church Records, Paris, N.Y., names of members, time of admission, deaths, removals and a short history of the Congregational church of Paris, NY. This section seems to be the notes of Charles Simmons, who was baptized at this church, but does not appear to be the official church record. The last page of the book contains an antislavery poem with a famous image of a slave accompanied by the words, "Have we not all one father?"

The following biographical sketch of Charles Simmons comes from Mortimer Blake, A Centurial History of the Mendon Association of Congregational Ministers, with the Centennial Address, Delivered at Franklin, Mass. Nov. 19, 1851, And Biographical Sketches of Members and Licentiates. Boston: Sewall Harding, 1853. Pages 199-201

"Rev. Charles Simmons Is a native of Paris Hill Oneida Co NY and the son of Aaron Simmons Jr whose father belonged to Little Compton RI. His mother was Lydia Wilbor daughter of Charles Wilbor of Little Compton and sister of the late Gov Wilbor of the same place.

He spent his early life in the family of Rev. W.R. Weeks DD of Paris Hill NY and in travelling as general agent for the Utica Christian Repository which Dr. Weeks then conducted and for similar publications. He also served an apprenticeship as blacksmith and carried on the business as partner a year during which time he engaged to go in this capacity under the patronage of the Am Board to one of the Indian tribes near Green Bay. But they abandoned the enterprize and he was released. He then engaged in study for college with Dr. Weeks but on his advice he relinquished the idea of graduating studied theology and was approbated by the Oneida Association 24 May 1832.

Mr Simmons commenced preaching in Hebronville South Attleboro in July and was ordained there 26 Dec 1832 and dismissed 21 Oct 1838. He spent the winter following in Middleboro assisting Rev. Mr. Putnam in that extensive town. He was stated supply at North Scituate 1839 and also at Wareham the year and a half following. Since this latter date he has resided in North Wrentham preaching occasionally but employed chiefly in the distribution of Dr Emmons's Works and upon his own publications.

Mr. Simmons married Miss Eliza Perrigo daughter of Mr. John Perrigo of North Wrentham and has two children.

Publications. Besides many articles in the Utica Repository, Hopkinsian Magazine, N.E. Telegraph, etc., he has issued, 1 Tract on U.S. Slavery, 24 pp 1841. 2. Scripture Manual, 1st edition, at Wareham 1841; 2d, in 1844. Stereotyped, 1845. Over 40,000 copies of this valuable work have been sold in this country, and it has been translated into other languages at some of the Mission Stations. 3. A tract on Human Ability and Dependence, 1850. 4. A Manual of Maxims, 1852."
5. Boston, Mass. Egleston Square Methodist Episcopal Church collection 1869-1905 B2/F 1
Scrap Book created by William "Willie" Whittem, from 1869 to circa 1905. Includes handwritten history of the church, church bulletins, church newsletters, tickets, obituaries, advertisements, and other memorabilia. Titles of items include, "The Egleston Square Beacon", "The Autumn Leaf", "Historical Sketch of the Egleston Square Methodist Episcopal Church", "Order of Exercise of the Dedication of the Egleston Square M. E. Chapel", "Zion Herald", "Christmas Stocking", "Egleston Square Lecture Course", "Directory", "Annual Exhibition", "10th Anniversary of the Egleston Sq. M.E. Church Sabbath School", etc.
6. Boston, Mass. Hollis Street Church financial documents 1808-1811 B1/F5
These nine documents are financial records from the Hollis Street Society and date from 1808, 1810, and 1811. They include orders to pay individuals for work done on the New Meeting House, receipts for pew rentals, payments for minister's salary, and other financial transactions.
7. Boston, Mass. Christ Episcopal Church guild records 1872-1873 B1/F6
Christ Church Guild Records. Handwritten, bound volume. Includes beginning records of the Christ Church Guild, including Constitution, list of members, and meeting minutes (1872- circa 1873) and address book. The rest of the volume includes personal mementos and diary entries from a Boston family (1877-1935).
8. Manchester, Mass. Baptist Church records circa 1843-1854 B3/F2
Handwritten records that run from the 1840s-1850s. Includes list of members from 1843 to 1853, some marriage/death records, church meeting minutes that address doctrinal issues and church decisions. About 50 handwritten pages, bound into brown paper wraps.
9. Boston, Mass. Old South (Third) Church collection 1885, 1917 and 1936 B2/F1 OVERSIZE: Flat file 4
Service program from Easter Morning April 5, 1885.

A short letter signed by George Gordon, 1917, on Old South Parsonage stationary.

An 1936 architectural rendering of the South Elevation of the Old South Church Tower, Scale 1/8" to 1'-0" by Allen & Collens, Architects, Boston, Mass. – OVERSIZE: Flat file 4
10. Harold Ockenga printed material circa 1937-1958 B2/F2-4
Printed material related to Harold Ockenga, pastor of Park Street Church: An Ockenga Christmas card, a printed biographical sketch, an invitation for Audrey Starr Ockenga's wedding, a magazine photograph, a photograph from January 7, 1950 of Harold Ockenga and Bill Graham at Park Street Church, and about 39 sermons in pamphlet form ca. 1937 to 1958
11. Boston, Mass. Trinity Church program bulletins 1874-1910 B2/F5
Twenty Christmas and Easter service program bulletins. They include hymns, order of service, etc. Example of title: "Easter Festival of Trinity Church Sunday School Boston 1885." Noteworthy for their beautiful graphics and images.
12. Cambridge, Mass. First Reformed Presbyterian Church prayer cards circa 1907-1922 B2/F6
Thirty-eight "Prayer Meeting Topic" or "Christian Endeavor Prayer Meeting Topics" cards from the First Reformed Presbyterian Church, Cambridge, Mass., ca. 1907-1922
13. Letter from the National Council of the Congregational Churches to Miss Lucia M. Yale, Norwood, N.Y. 1914 B2/F7
One page typed letter and return-requested postcard in sampled envelope. Letter signed by Hubert Herring.
14. C. Beach manuscript sermon 1842 B2/F3
One sheet, handwritten sermon dated April 16, 1842 and labeled "no. 3", perhaps by a C. Beach. Sermon begins with "The duties which rest upon us as intellectual and moral beings are great and numerous."
15. Otis Allen Arithmatick and Records 1766-1865 B3/F4
A soft-bound handwritten book measuring 8 inches by 13 inches. Most of the volumes contained "Otis Allen's Arithmatick, Mansfield January 23d, 1806." It also contains a handwritten list of major religious events in Mansfield from 1766 to 1865 (about 4 pages) and Allen family genealogical records.


Series 2: Published Material

Date: 1795, 1814-1951

Extent: 3 boxes

Scope of Series: Published books and pamphlets having to do with churches, religious history and religious figures from the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. The majority are mid-19th century, only one from the 18th century.

Arrangement: Some of the items in this series are pamphlets and others bound books. Unbound pamphlets are in box 4, the bound books are on shelf 1 of range 6.



1. Boston South Baptist Association. The Twenty-Seventh Anniversary of the Boston South Baptist Association, (Sixty-Third of the Boston Association,) held with the Clarendon St. Baptist Church, Boston, September 22 & 23, 1875. Minutes of the Boston South Baptist Association 1875. Boston: J.M. Hewes, 1875. Box 4
2. Boston South Baptist Association. The Tenth Anniversary of the Boston South Baptist Association, held with the Harvard Street Church, Boston, September 8 and 9, 1858. Boston: J.M. Hewes, 1858. Box 4
3. Boston South Baptist Association. The Twenty-First Anniversary of the Boston South Baptist Association, (Fifty-Seventh of the Boston Association,) Held with the Baptist Church in North Randolph, September 22 & 23, 1869. Minutes of the Boston South Baptist Association 1869. Boston: J.M. Hewes, 1869. Box 4
4. Brown, Emma. The Children's Hour at the Old South. Boston: D. Lothrop & Company, 1881. Shelf 1
5. Brownville, C. Gordon. How Christians Can Guarantee Ultimate Victory and the Ongoing of Democracy and Freedom. This sermon Preached by Reverend C. Gordon Brownville, D.D. Sunday morning, June 15, 1941. Broadcast over Station WAAB. Tremont Temple Baptist Church, Boston, 1941. Box 4
6. Central Congregational Church, Newtonville, MA. Central Congregational Church, Newtonville, MA. Boston: Thomas Todd, ca. 1877. Shelf 1
7. Chase, Francis. Heavenly Country: A Memorial Sermon Preached St. John's Church, Framingham, Oct. 28, 1877. Framingham: J.C. Clark, 1877. Box 4
8. Conrad, A. Z. Radiant Religion. New York: Harper & Brothers Publishers, 1930. Shelf 1
9. Cooley, Timothy Mather. Sketches of the Life and Character of the Rev. Lemuel Haynes, A.M. New-York: Harper & Brothers, 1837. Shelf 1
10. A Defence of the Clergy of New-England, Against the Charges of Interfering in Our Political Affairs, and Condemning the Policy of the Present War. Concord: George Hough, 1814. Box 4
11. Donnell, Curtis Pierce. Springfield's Churches 1636-1936, with introduction by Rev. Dr. James Gordon Gilkey. [no publishing information, ca. 1936]. Box 4
12. Ellis, Rufus. Sermons Preached in the First Church, Boston. Boston: Cupples, Upham, and Company 1885. Shelf 1
13. Evangelical Congregational Church (Quincy, Mass.). Church Manual of the Evangelical Congregational Church, Quincy, Mass., 1878 [with a list if members]. [no publishing information, ca. 1878] Shelf 1
14. First Church in Westboro, Mass. Program of Exercises and Services in Connection with the Observation of the Two Hundred Anniversary of the Organization of the First Church in Westboro, Massachusetts, founded October 28, 1724, together with the full text of the Historical Pageant. October 5, 6, 7, 1924. Box 4
15. First Congregational Church, Vernon, Conn. The Confession of Faith and Covenant of the First Congregational Church in Vernon, Conn. Together with Standing Rules and Historical Sketch of the Church. A Catalogue of the Ministry and Diaconate, the Present Officers, and Members and a Complete List of the Annual Additions From October 1762 to April 1903. Rockville, Conn: Thos. S. Pratt & Son. ***Accompanied by a letter from Rev. Charles E. McKinley of the Union Congregational Church of Rockville, Conn. Shelf 1
16. First Congregational Church Woburn, Mass. Rules and Regulations of the First Congregational Church in Woburn, Mass. Together with the Covenant of Said Church, and a List of the Names of Existing Members. Charlestown Square: Wm. W. Wheildon Printer, ca. 1832. Shelf 1
17. First Congregational Church (Yarmouth, Mass.) The Confession of Faith and Covenant, Adopted by the First Congregational Church in Yarmouth, January 1, 1841. Yarmouth: W.S. Fisher and Co. 1841. Box 4
18. Gage, Nathaniel. A Sermon Delivered at the Installation of Rev. A. Dumont Jones, over the Congregational Church in Wilton, January 1, 1834. Nashua, N.H.: Printed by Alfred Beard, 1834. Box 4
19. Gano, Stephen. "Divinity of Christ", in William Collier, editor, The Baptist Preacher: Consisting of Monthly Sermons from Living Ministers. Vol. 1, No. 2, November 1827. Boston: National Philanthropist, 1827. Box 4
20. Gordon, George A. Religion and Miracle, New and Enlarged Edition, by Minister of the Old South Church Boston. London: James Clarke & Co. 1910. Shelf 1
21. Gray, Frederick T. Christ and him Crucified: Two Sermons, Preached in the Bulfinch Street Church, on Sunday November 29, 1841, being the close of the Second Year of the Ministry of the Pastor, with an Appendix. Boston: James Munroe and Company, 1841. Shelf 1
22. Haven, Gilbert. The Mission of America; A Discourse delivered before the New England M.E. Conference at the High Street Church, Charlestown, Ms., on the Occasion of the Annual State Fast, April 3d, 1863. Boston: J.P. Magee, 1863. Box 4
23. Jubilee Manual: Containing Historical Sketch of Boston and Vicinity, and the Program of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the American Missionary Association to be held in Tremont Temple, Park St. Church, and Faneuil Hall, Boston, October 20-22, 1896. Published by Authority of the Committee of Arrangements. Box 4
24. King, T. Starr. A Lecture on Hildebrand, Delivered before the Young Men's Christian Union, in Boston, Republished from the Universalist Quarterly for July 1857. Boston: Abel Tompkins, 1857. Box 4
25. [Lohier, Elisabeth P.] History of the Old South Church of Boston. Published for the Benefit of the Old South Fund, 1876. Box 4
26. Lothrop, S. K. The Divine Presence a Support to Human Frailty: A Sermon Preached in the Brattle Square Church, on the Sunday Succeeding the Death of Hon. Daniel Webster. Boston: Eastburn's Press, 1852. Box 4
27. Lindsell, Harold. Park Street Prophet: The Story of Harold Ockenga. Wheaton, IL: Van Kampen Press, 1951. Shelf 1
28. Miel, M.C. Manuel a L'Usage de la Congrégation Française de Boston, par M.C. Miel. Boston: Typographie Française De E. Coquard, 1859. Shelf 1
29. Morss, James. Benefits of the Gospel: A Sermon Preached in St. Paul's Church on the Nativity of Our Saviour, December 25, 1837. Morss and Brewster, 1838. Shelf 1
30. North Christian Church (New Bedford, Mass.). Hundred Anniversary Souvenir of the North Christian Church, New Bedford, Massachusetts containing Historical Sketches of the Church and Church Organizations, A Register of All Members of the Church from the Beginning. New Bedford: E. Anthony & Sons, Inc., 1907. Shelf 1
31. North Congregational Church (Woburn, Mass). Historical Sketch and Confession of Faith & Covenant of the North Congregational Church in Woburn, Mass, Together with Its Rules and Regulations and Catalogues of its Original and Present Members, January 1851. Woburn: G.W. Fowle, 1851. Shelf 1
32. Noyes, Edward MacArthur. The First Church in Newton, Massachusetts, Services in Dedication of its Sixth House of Worship, Newton Centre, Mass. September 16th-25th, 1904. Shelf 1
33. Ockenga, Harold J. These Religious Affections. Grand Rapids: Zondervan Publishing House, 1937. Shelf 1
34. Ockenga, Harold J. Our Evangelical Faith. Grand Rapids: Zondervan Publishing House, 1947. Box 4
35. Old South Church (Boston, Mass.) The Form of Covenant, of the Old South Church, in Boston, Massachusetts, with lists of the founders, the pastors, the ruling elders and Deacons, and the members. Boston: Crocker & Brewster, 1833 AND The Confession of faith and form of Covenant, of the Old South Church, in Boston, Massachusetts, with lists of the Founders, The Pastors, the Ruling Elders and Deacons, and the members. Boston: Crocker and Brewster, 1841.  *** 2 ITEMS BOUND TOGETHER. *** Contains extensive handwritten marginalia. Shelf 1
36. Orthodox Congregational Church Somerville. Manual of the First Orthodox Congregational Church, Somerville, Mass. Boston: Frank Wood, 1883. Shelf 1
37. Osgood, G.C. Story of the Holyoke Churches. Holyoke, Mass.: Transcript Publishing Company, ca. 1890. Shelf 1
38. Parks, Leighton and William Lawrence. Emmanuel Church, Boston: Retrospect and Prospect, A Sermon Preached at Morning Prayer and the Ideal Worship, A Sermon preached at Even-song. March 5, 1899. Shelf 1
39. Parks, Leighton (Rector of Emmanuel Church, Boston). The Winning of the Soul and Other Sermons. New York: E.P. Dutton and Company, 1893. Shelf 1
40. Proposals for a Union of Churches in the Spirit of Charity. Boston: ca. 1857. ** some handwritten sections. Shelf 1
41. Puffer, Charles H. The Centennial Anniversary of the Dedication of the First Universalist Meeting House and the Installation of the First Pastor Rev. Edward Turner, 1809-1909. Salem June 1909. Box 4
42. Rollstone Congregational Church (Fitchburg, Mass.). The Declaration of Faith, and Covenant of the Rollstone Congregational Church in Fitchburg, Mass. Together with the Rules, Catalogue of Members, Historical Sketch and an Exhibit of the Financial Transactions of the Parish from its Organization in 1868 to May 1, 1891. Fitchburg: Press of Blanchard & Brown, 1891. Shelf 1
43. Safford, H. G. Twenty-fifth Anniversary: A Historic Address delivered in the Baptist Church, So. Framingham. Framingham, MA: J.C. Clark Publishing, 1879. Box 4
44. Second Church Boston, Mass. Act of Incorporation and Rules and Regulations of the Second Church in Boston. Boston: L.H. Lane, 1908. Box 4
45. The Seventeenth Annual Report of the Executive Committee of the Benevolent Fraternity of Churches. Boston: John Wilson & Son, 1851. Box 4
46. Skinner, Otis A. The Death of Daniel Webster: A Sermon Delivered in the Warren Street Church, Sunday, November 14, 1852. Boston: A. Tompkins, 1852. Shelf 1
47. Stanwich, Conn. Congregational Church. Manual of the Congregational Church, Stanwich, Conn. John C. Houghton Acting Pastor, 2nd Edition. Published by order of the Church, 1874. Shelf 1
48. Stone, John S. The Preaching of the Word: A Sermon Delivered at the Institution of the Rev. Charles Mason, into the Rectorship of St. Peter's Church, Salem, May 31, 1837. Salem: William Ives & Co., 1837. Box 4
49. [Sullivan, James]. The altar of Baal thrown down: or, The French nation defended, against the pulpit slander of David Osgood, A.M. Pastor of the church in Medford : A sermon, par Citoyen de Novion. Boston : From the Chronicle-Press, by Adams & Larkin, 1795. Box 4
50. Tabernacle Church (Salem, Mass.). Articles and Covenant of the Tabernacle Church in Salem, Adopted May 8, 1786. Revised, 1821; Reprinted, Feb. 1833. Boston: Perkins & Marvin, 1833. Box 4
51. Tenney, Caleb J. Ministers must die: a Sermon, preached, September 16, 1821, the Sabbath after the interment of the Rev. John Marsh, D. D. Senior Pastor of the First Church of Christ in Wethersfield, Connecticut. Hartford: George Goodwin & Sons, 1821. Box 4
52. Trinitarian Congregational Church (Gilbertville, Mass.). The Confession of Faith, Covenant and Standing Rules of the Trinitarian Congregational Church in Gilbertville, Mass. Ware: Charles W. Eddy, 1878. Shelf 1
53. Tyson, Ira. Centennial Historical Discourse of the Presbyterian Church, Bedford, N.H., Delivered Sabbath July 2, 1876 by the pastor. Manchester: John B. Clarke's Steam Book and Job Press, 1876. Shelf 1
54. Union Congregational Church (Boston, Mass.). Centennial Celebration of Union Church, Boston, 1822-1922: One Hundredth Anniversary of the Founding of Union Church, Boston, 1822, with a History of Berkeley Temple, 1827. ca. 1922. Box 4
55. Waters, William. Historical Sketch of the Founding of All Saints' Church, Chelmsford, Mass. An Address delivered by the Rector, the Rev. Wilson Waters, B.D., at the Fortieth Anniversary of the First Service. Second Edition, 1910. Shelf 1
56. West Church (Boston, Mass.). The West Church and Its Ministers: Fiftieth Anniversary of the Ordination of Charles Lowell. Boston: Crosby, Nichols, and Company, 1856. Shelf 1
57. Laurie, Thomas. An Historical Discourse Preached to the South Evangelical Church, West Roxbury, June 10, 1860. Boston: SO Thayer, 1861. Box 4


Series 3: Dr. Boles' Research on Race Relations in churches

Date: 2012-2013

Extent: 2 folders

Copyright: "Dividing the Faith: The Rise of Racially Segregation Northern Churches, 1730-1850," (Ph.D. diss. The George Washington University, 2013) remains the intellectual property of Richard Boles. Please contact him regarding permission to publish.

Scope of Series: Materials pertaining to Boles' research including his dissertation.



1. "Dividing the Faith: The Rise of Racially Segregation Northern Churches, 1730-1850" (Ph.D. diss. The George Washington University, 2013). B2/F8
2. Typed research notes regarding research done at Congregational Library. 2012 B2/F9
3. Racial Diversity in Congregational Church Records Finding Aid, from Bulletin of the Congregational Library. 2012. B2/F9


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