Congregational Christian Churches. Board of Home Missions. Filmstrip Collection, 1947-1950s

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Board of Home Missions filmstrip collection


General Council of the Congregational Christian Churches of the United States, Board of Home Missions




0.5 linear feet, 6 boxes
Filmstrips: 35 mm., positive

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RG 4351

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[Identification of item], in the Congregational Christian Churches Board of Home Missions filmstrip collection, RG 4351. The Congregational Library and Archive, Boston, MA.



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Processed by archive staff, April 1997


Associated with RG 0056 (National Council of Congregational Churches)

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Hafer Audiovisual Center, Philip Schaff Library, Lancaster Theological Seminary, Lancaster, Pa, March 1993.

Historical Note

In 1931, the National Council of Congregational Churches and the General Convention of the Christian Church merged to form the General Council of Congregational Christian Churches, following an unsuccessful merger attempt in 1895. In 1936, various home mission organizations were consolidated to form the Board of Home Missions of the General Council. The board was organized into five divisions: Division of Church Extension and Evangelism; Division of Christian Education; Pilgrim Press Division; Division of Ministerial Relief; and the American Missionary Association Division.

The 35 mm. film strips and scripts in this collection were produced and distributed by the Board of Home Missions, Division of Christian Education and the Pilgrim Press during the 1950s. The Division of Christian Education assisted Congregational colleges and seminaries with guidance and financial assistance and also prepared educational materials for use in Congregational Christian Sunday schools. The Pilgrim Press grew out of the Congregational Publishing Society (RG 740 and RG 741), founded in 1841, and served as the publisher for the denomination. The Pilgrim Press published "devotional materials, successive editions of the Pilgrim Hymnal (1931, 1935, 1958), and a variety of books on religious studies" (1).

At the time the film strips were produced, the Christian Education Division and the Pilgrim Press Press Division both had their headquarters at Congregational House, 14 Beacon Street, Boston, Mass.; the Pilgrim Press also had an office at 19 South La Salle Street, Chicago, Ill. See the container list for a list of the titles and authors, artists and musicians responsible for the production of these materials.



(1) John Von Rohr. The Shaping of American Congregationalism, 1620-1957. Pilgrim Press : Cleveland, Ohio,1992, p. 447.


Scope and Content Notes

The film strip collection currently contains 35 mm. film strips and accompanying written scripts. The majority of the film strips mention audio accompaniment. The Philip Schaff Library, Lancaster Theological Seminary was contacted April 3, 1997 regarding the possible whereabouts of the audio accompaniment. In the meantime, the text and the film strips are arranged by the number of the film strip or kit number. Note that there are several gaps in the film strip numbers; the Pilgrim Series (number 171) is missing 171-5 and 171-6. The names of authors, artists and production coordinators are provided from the script text. Most of the script text has a version for the leader, adult-level group, young-adult level group and children’s group. Two of the film strips were created or produced by Bureau of Audio Visuals, United Church of Christ, producers and the Congregational Christian Service Committee, ca. 1950s.



Series I. Film strip script text

Series II. Film strips


Box List

Series I. Filmstrip Text

Box 1
Folder 1 171-1 Pilgrim Series
  The Story of Our Bible. Leader’s guide, script for young people and adults / Helen M. McKee. Children’s script / Grace E. Storms.
Boston : Pilgrim Press, 1947
Folder 2 171-2 Pilgrim Series
  Our Children at Home and Abroad. Leader’s guide. Young people’s script / Alan Shilin. Children’s script / Lorraine Weston.
Boston : Pilgrim Press, 1949
Folder 3 171-3 Pilgrim Series
  Living as a Christian. Leader’s guide, adult’s guide, children’s guide.
Boston : Pilgrim Press, 1950
Folder 4 171-4 Pilgrim Series
  Christians in One World.
Boston : Pilgrim Press, 1950
Folder 5 171-7 Pilgrim Series
  Pilgrim Series / Helen McKee. Marjorie Thompson, artist. A. B. Ferguson, production consultant.
Boston : Pilgrim Press, [ca. 1950s]
Folder 6 172 Your Church and Pilgrim Series
  Grace Storms Tower
Boston : Pilgrim Press, 1958
Folder 7 187 Mr. Harris Joins the Human Race
  Alan Shilin. Marjorie Thompson, artist. Alexander Scourby, narrator. William Meeder, musician.
Department of Visual Aids, Missions Council, [ca. 1950s]
Folder 8 190 Is Your Home Fun?
  James Lee Ellenwood. Marjorie Thompson, illustrator. Richard Stark, commentator. William Meeder, musician.
Boston : Pilgrim Press, [ca. 1950s]
Folder 9 237 Personal Reports [from Rhodesia]
  John Heinrich, Theresa Buck, Frank Meacham.
Folder 10 266 Mardin Station Report 1956
Folder 11 296 Puerto Rico U.S.A. [ca. 1950s]
Folder 12 299 To Offer Willingly - The Woman’s Gift
  Toge Fujihira. Mrs. F. Cushing and Abby Lewis, narrators.
Bureau of Audio Visuals, United Church of Christ, producers, [ca. 1950s]
Folder 13 304 To Sing Again
  Elizabeth T. Shrader. Dr. Earle H. Ballou, narrator.
Congregational Christian Service Committee, [ca. 1950s]
Folder 14 Mardin Station Report 1956.
Folder 15 American Board in Turkey
    Herbert F. Lowe, script. Norman Rose, narrator.
Master Number: 111976-WOR.
Bureau of Audio Visuals, United Church of Christ. 1958

Series II. Film strips

Boxes 2-6
2 Pilgrim Series (nos. 171 1-3)
3 Pilgrim Series (nos. 171-4, 171-7), Your Church and Pilgrim Series (no. 172)
4 Series 599
5 Mr. Harris Joins the Human Race (no. 187), Is Your Home Fun? (no. 190), Series 334, Series 237
6 Mardin Station Report 266, Puerto Rico U.S.A 296, Series 295


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